2017 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Father’s Day can be such a struggle every year. You’ve done the tie thing, the cologne, the figurines, socks, “World’s Best Dad” mug, and the world’s latest and greatest gadget. You know he’s loved them all but this year, give him the unique gift we promise you he has never been given before!

This year, give him a gift that can give back year after year.

The Craft Beer Candle

The Early Riser Candle – Boulevard Brewing Co.

What is a craft beer candle? Outside of being the coolest gift imaginable, the beer candle is all about the aroma of some of the finest brewery’s beer in the nation. We work directly with breweries to ensure we have truly gotten the aroma right and have their blessing before transforming their brew choice into  12 oz of pure heaven. The trick is finding the perfect balance between the true beer essence and the other notes that make the craft beer so unique.

For instance, for the Boulevard Early Riser brewery candle, we started with a soft and silky oatmeal stout base and added just the perfect amount of fresh espresso fragrance to turn the final aroma irresistible. Stout drinkers LOVE this brewery candles as do coffee shop lovers.

Often we hear,

“I have never smelled anything like this! It smells like my favorite coffee shop but has a certain softness that creates the perfect balance! I LOVE these candles!”

If you need assistance picking out your first brewery candle, please call us at 913-850-8827 or send us a message! We are more than happy to assist you with your purchase!

Browse our catalog here!

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