Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover

Shopping made easy for your beer lover

Father’s Day 2016 Edition

For the craft beer lover, finding a craft beer six-pack, micro brew Growler or a 22 ouncer of a limited edition brew sitting on their favorite chair on Father’s Day is a welcome surprise. While craft beer is certainly a great choice, there are other great gift choices available for the craft beer lover on Father’s Day.

Although this blog will primarily focusing on Kansas City craft brew centered localities, the ideas can be mimicked in any city!

Top 5 Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover

Being married to a major craft beer lover, I have spent many years researching, making and purchasing gifts that have everything to do with craft beer drinking, loving and sharing. Check out my list below. The items in the Father’s Day best gift list are in no particular order. Cheers!

Craft Beer Brewing Lessons

For the craft beer lover, learning HOW to brew beer is guaranteed to be on his bucket list. If your craft beer lover hasn’t crossed this off his list yet, there are a few different ways to learn how to brew beer.

  • Online. If you live in a rural area, taking craft beer homebrewing classes online is a fantastic option. To find the best option for you, start by searching Google using the phrase “online beer brewing lessons.”
  • On-Site Brewing. Some cities have on-site brewing facilities. In Kansas City, where I live, we have an on-site brewing facility / brewing supply store called “KC Brew Lab.”  On their website, they describe themselves as, “A place for home brewers of all all backgrounds and experience levels to improve their craft, create better beer, and have more fun doing it.” Learning at an on-site brewing facility has multiple advantages for the new and experienced home brewer. For one, everything is hands-on. From extracts and grains to experienced brewers and like-minded beer lovers, everything you need for brewing and networking is at your fingertips.

Single or Dual Tap Kegerator

DIY Kegerator - Craft Beer Lover Gift

DIY Kegerator – Craft Beer Lover Gift

“Doing-It-Yourself” has never been so easy since the advent of websites such as Pinterest and Instructables. The next Father’s Day gift idea for the craft beer lover can either be purchased or created. For years, my husband has been talking about installing a Kegerator into our home bar. This Father’s Day just might be the year I make this wish come true. I am still trying to decide if I should simply go out and buy one or take the time to get the parts so he can make it himself. These are my options.

  • DIY Kegerator. If you are the extremely handy and ridiculously ambitious type, constructing a Kegerator from a DIY tutorial shouldn’t be too large an undertaking. If you decide to take the DIY route this Father’s Day and really make him happy, first – check out this tutorial. Secondly, print off the materials list and go shopping. Finally, put together the ultimate DIY Kegerator kit for the father and/or husband in your life. If you are not crazy about the Kegerator Instructable  I have chosen, simply search the Instructables database for the Kegerator that would work better for you!
  • Purchase a Kegerator. The main advantage to purchasing a Kegerator over “doing-it-yourself” is fairly obvious – no “doing-it-yourself.” If the recipient of your Father’s Day gift isn’t exactly the handy type, or doesn’t have the time to take on a project of this undertaking, purchasing is probably your best bet. In the end, you will end up spending more money but there is no work involved. Simply hook it up and start your Father’s Day celebration with his favorite craft beer. I found this one at the Webstaurant store. They have good quality items at a great price!

Date Night at a Local Microbrewery

Barley & Hops Beer Club

Date night at microbrewery.

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day date night surprise, take him to your neighborhood microbrewery. Luckily for me, we live in a city that is ripe with microbreweries. My Father’s Day gift to my husband and father of my children will include a trip to a few of Kansas City’s local breweries. Deciding which KC breweries to sample will be the hardest decision I will face.

I really like the website RateBeer.com for locating local breweries. They also list the beers they brew and provide rankings.

Craft Beer Lover Gift Basket

Father's Day Gift Basket for Craft Beer Lover

Father’s Day Gift Basket for Craft Beer Lover

For a Father’s Day project that everyone in the family can enjoy, why not make a custom craft beer gift basket! This is something my mother did for my husband a couple of years ago for Father’s Day.

For her gift basket, she started at Boulevard.  Boulevard Brewing Company is the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest, and is only a 15 minute drive from her house. At their gift shop, she picked up some Tank 7 Infused Salt, a Boulevard branded wooden 6-pack carrying case and a tee-shirt.

Next, she headed to the liquor store up the street and picked 6 craft brews to fill the carrying case. Finally, I added a gift certificate to the KC Brew Lab, good for one Extract Brewing Session for him and a friend.

Finally, she picked up a small metal crate to hold all of the craft brew themed goodies and brought it over for our Father’s Day grilling extravaganza. He was ecstatic!


Barley & Hops Craft Brew Candle Flight

This year for Father’s Day, Barley & Hops Craft Candle company will be announcing their limited-edition 3-pack craft candle flight. The 3-pack craft beer candle flight includes a hand-made, rustic style, wooden brew candle paddle that holds 3 six ounce beer candles of your choice. We will be adding this amazing Father’s Day craft beer lover gift MUST on June 1, 2016! Check back often or join us on FACEBOOK to get the latest on B&H product launches, events and fun contesty stuff!


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