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Odell Brewing CoMy family and I have called Colorado our second home since I was just a wee girl. My love for snow, the cold, and winter sports can be traced back to all of the years spent exploring the coolest mountain towns only Colorado can offer. Now, as a parent, I share this love with my 3 adventurous children and husband.

For the last three years, I have been spending time in Greeley, Co where my little brother has taken up residence. He spends his days working as a food scientist and executive chef at Pilgrim’s, winter month weekends taming the Winter Park mountain runs, and most nights celebrating the craft beer scene with his small and adventurous group of foodie and craft beer loving comrades.

Needless to say, he has taken quite an interest in my newest business venture – craft beer candles. Not only do I get to spend more time with him in Greeley but we get to spend a good majority of that time in craft breweries.

Why is Fort Collins, CO so important to the craft beer scene?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Fort Collins, CO yourself, this might seem like a reasonable question. If you are one of the lucky one’s who has experienced this quaint, unique and culturally enriched magical city first-hand, you already know. I lovingly refer to Fort Collins, Co as the United States “Louvre” of craft beer and I promise you, this city LOVES its hometown brewery family.

Jill B. says this about Old Town Fort Collins.

Downtown FoCo is particularly charming from Nov-Feb when the holiday lights twinkle in the trees. Charming shops, wonderful restaurants and fun bars–there is something fun happening all the time! With breweries, a cider bar and a distillery all within walking distance, you might want to consider booking a room and staying nearby!

Why is Fort Collins, CO so important to Barley & Hops Craft Candles?

Duh. The breweries!!!! The oh-so-many breweries! Beer enthusiasts hit the jackpot the minute they step foot into this stunning city. Even my drive from Greeley to Fort Collins was magnificent. As I drove west up 34, mountains stretched as far as the eye could see along the horizon. When my nose pointed north on 25, they moved to the left. When I arrived in Fort Collins, the entire backdrop of the city was like a Bob Ross painting….happy little mountains everywhere!

But first, Odell Brewing Co.

Odell Brewing Co IPA Candle Delivery Service

Odell Brewing Co Patio

Odell Brewing CO Patio View

Odell Brewing CO IPA Scent Match

Odell IPA Scent-Match Sample #2

I mustn’t forget the reason for the season. Our very first brew candle from Colorado came to you from Lynsey Bates. Official job title, “Merchandise and Music.” When we decided Fort Collins, CO had to be our second brewery candle collection, I called Odell Brewing Co. Yeah, I know….pretty gutsy. But, if you know me you would understand I don’t like to mess around. It had to be Odell. Odell has been best friends with our crisper drawer for many, many years. It had to be done. I called and left a message for the merchandising manager. I half didn’t expect to hear back. I know they are one of the biggies in Colorado and they had to be super busy with craft beer crafting and other brewery business.

When I got a call from Lynsey while trying to drive home from who-knows-where, I came close to hitting the ditch. Yes, I was that excited. If I remember correctly, I had to pull over. We chatted for a while before I mentioned anything about the possibility of borrowing the scent of one of their brews for a candle. She was (and still is) so kind. When she said to go ahead and send some scent-matches for their Odell IPA brew, I felt like I had just summited Pikes Peak. Was she really wanting to work with us? It was sounding like she might!

The only concern Lynsey had involved the breakage factor. They had tried beer candles before but in the past, a majority of the beer candles that were delivered by mail arrived broken. At this, I ensured her that breakage would not be a concern with us because I would personally deliver any order she placed!

Lynsey Bates - Odell Brewing Co

Lynsey Bates & Me, Odell Brewing Co.

Heck, 9 hours in the car was a small price to pay if we were given an opportunity to work with Odell Brewing Co! To be fair, it was somewhat of a selfish decision for me. If I had to deliver to Fort Collins, CO, I got to visit Fort Collins, CO! Oh, sorry Josh – and my little brother Josh from Greeley.

The next 2 days were spent scent-matching. Marsha, our beer candle maker master, was hard at work in her lab, with her black lab Floyd – RIP and El Choppo. She sent the samples and to make a long story shorter, we had our first Fort Collins, CO brewery candle!

You can see and purchase this crowd-pleaser by following this link.  It is a stunner.

If you are fortunate enough to live in or are spending your vacation in Fort Collins, CO, you can just stop by their brewery located at 800 East Lincoln Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524. While you are there, you can hang-out in their super kick-a$$ tap room or mess around on their pub patio.

I HIGHLY suggest it!



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