Eden & Dorsey Wax Melting Pot Review

Eden Wax Melting Pot Review. As I understand, most of my visitors are looking to buy candles rather than make them but on that occasion I get a fellow crafter to land on my website…this is for you. I don’t usually review products but in this case, I felt it was an important move to review this amazing wax melting pot. I have been making candles now for about 6 years. For melting wax, I have been a pretty loyal user of the Presto Wax Melting Pots. I started with a their smallest size – the 12 pounder.

Presto Wax Melting Pot

At that time, I was only selling around 2-5 candles per week and it suited my needs PERFECTLY. A couple of years later, I upped my retail game to about 10-15 candle sales per week.

Wholesale Candle Making Time

The biggest change at this time was my entry into the world of wholesale and private label candles. I had a couple of Kansas City local breweries reach out and ask me to make them some custom craft beer candles to add to their merch list. Soon thereafter, a couple turned into nearly a dozen. The 12 pounder had to go! I needed an upgrade and fast. I purchased the Presto 18 lb Wax Melting Pot with spout. I had this melting pot for a few months and soon realized it just wasn’t enough. I contemplated purchasing 2 to keep up with my retail and blossoming wholesale candle orders but my studio just wasn’t big enough to accommodate the space needed for multiples.

Handyman + Airplane Mechanic + My Boyfriend = Candle Making Innovation

Around this time, I met a man whom was very good with his hands. That sounded not as I intended it to sound, but it is very true. From time to time, he would visit me in my candle studio. During those times, he would very gently suggest adjusting my order of production to better expedite my flow. In other words, he chose his words very carefully as to not offend me. The biggest issue he observed in my studio was the size and capabilities of my wax melting pot. He thought the spout and handle were pretty cool but, as a handyman and former aviation mechanic, knew he could do better. I knew he could too.

My Genie In A Wax Melting Pot

He started by asking me about what I liked about the pot. I told him how much my production had changed already from when I used to melt wax on the stove in a double-boiler to the Presto Melting Pot. The “all-in-one” capability it offered as well as the integrated & adjustable heating source functionality was a game changer. Then the conversation became more granular. He wanted to know what I would change or add to my existing melting pot to better improve my candle making process.

Next Level Candle Making Ahead

I really had to think about this. I thought my process was already pretty awesome. Then he started asking me questions. Would it be helpful if I had a thermometer that was integrated into the pot? I was like, hell ya…that would be amazing. After that, I started brainstorming. What would I change about my Presto Wax Melting Pot if I could make all of my candle making wishes come true? The Presto was super light which sometimes created issues. It Maybe not due to any construction or mechanical issues but solely on my daily fight with gravity and grace, I somehow managed to knock the pot over more than a few times (don’t judge). The integrated heating source was great but oftentimes it heated up so quickly that I scorched the wax. With my first Presto, I had to replace it because the heating source stopped working. With my second, one of the legs became disconnected. I lived with it for a while but it posed a safety concern. This has nothing to do with the actual construction of the Presto pot but it was a regular occurrence to drop the thermometer into the hot wax. Yeah, ouch. To answer his first question, it would be so cool to have a thermometer that was integrated into the pot!

The PERFECT Candle Wax Melting Pot

It took Todd a few go-rounds but he did it. He decided to go with Cast Iron because the wax needed to be heated evenly…on all sides. With the heat source on the bottom using a griddle, the heat is transferred from the bottom of the pot evenly up the sides. Using a griddle also eliminated the need to replace the entire pot if it malfunctioned. The replacement cost of a griddle compared to the cost to replace the entire melting pot was not only environmentally friendly but also saved money.

The biggest improvement he made was to the temperature regulation. With 3 kids, all home schooling due to COVID, and so many other miscellaneous things that happen when you work from home – I was no longer required to babysit my melting pot. Todd had installed a digital meat thermometer that not only allowed bluetooth capabilities, but also connected to an APP that I could install on my iPhone. Genius!

Total boyfriend bonus points.

Eden Candle Wax Melting Pot

Onwards & Upwards

Bluetooth Digital Thermometer With App

After a few melt tests, I discovered that I could melt 128 FL OZ / 4 QTS in just under 20 minutes when the griddle temperature is set to 400 degrees. 128 FL OZ only took up just a couple of inches in height within the pot.

The capacity of this amazing melting pot is 450oz / 14 quarts.

That’s a lot of wax! Needless to say, my productions has quadrupled and my efficiency is much improved.

Soon thereafter Todd had given me my new wax melting pot, I got my first wholesale order of 500 candles. Wowza! Perfect timing right? How long did it take me to make 500 candles? 3 days. How much time would it have taken me to pour this many candles with my Presto? Forget about it. Me, all by myself, pulled off pouring 500 candles in 3 days!

Onwards and upwards!!!

Now You Can Get One Too!

Todd had never intended on selling his creation but after some coaxing, he made a few more and is now selling them at Eden & Dorsey (his official website) and on Etsy. Yes, he is my boyfriend and I think he’s pretty cool but all that aside…the Eden Wax Melting Pot is next level. If you are a candle maker or soaper, this is a “must have.” It is the first and last wax melting pot you will need.

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