Looking for a Unique Gift Idea for Craft Beer Lover?

The Top Craft Beer Gift Idea for the Beer Lover

If you have a craft beer lover in your house, you probably already know he is very particular about what kind or brand of beer graces the shelves of the refrigerator. You probably haven’t seen the likes of a Budweiser, Coors or Bush beer brand for quite some time. There is a very good reason for that. He likes good beer.

His beer drinking hobby expands the typical American Lager. If yours is anything like mine, he prefers to pick out the craft beer he brings home or the kind of brew that is poured for him at your favorite local brewery. Believe me, we aren’t mad at you! We are just struggling to come up with a unique beer gift to give you this year for your birthday, father’s day and Christmas.

This is one of the reasons why Barley & Hops Craft Candles came up with the super awesome idea of craft beer candles!

The Perfect Man Cave Craft Beer Gift

The Craft Beer Candle

I suppose it isn’t fair to assume that your man cave smells as bad as our man cave but I do think it is safe to say that it has better smelling days than others. Right?

And maybe, just maybe – the man cave in your home could use just a touch of home decor that isn’t super girlie. The craft beer candle is starting to sound pretty good about now?

The craft beer candle doesn’t just smell amazing, it looks pretty cool too. The labels and aroma are both borrowed from local micro-breweries. We partner up with them to create the perfect balance of craft brew and yumminess. We want to make sure everyone likes the smell of the beer candle, not just the craft beer lover in your life.

Thin Mint Candle

Thin Mint + Milk Stout = You’re Welcome

Do Craft Beer Candles Smell Good?

They don’t just smell good, they smell exceptional. We aren’t going to make an artisan candle with only the finest of ingredients, apricot wax,  and glassware to produce a stinky candle.

Our beer candles simply borrow the best aromas that make up a craft beer. For example, we have a local brewery that makes a craft beer that smells and tastes just like a Thin Mint Girlscout cookie and aptly named, “The Priest Mint Chocolate Milk Stout.” (Untapped) What a fantastic craft beer to borrow for a craft beer candle!

Unique Craft Beer Gift Idea? Check!!!

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