Craft Beer & Microbrew Love in 12 OZ Bottles

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Nectar Hazelnut Brown Ale Beer Candle

Barley & Hops Craft Candles announces the addition of their new 12 OZ sized craft beer candles. Now you can get your favorite beer scent in an UPcycled root beer bottle!

Our 12 OZ craft beer candles are also available for wholesale. Our beer candles are perfect for breweries, cigar shops, unique gift shops and more!

What is a wine punt?

The root beer punts come to us from the company named, “Wine Punts.” Although we really like our 16 OZ Growler that are poured into a tall amber glass vessel made from recycled lime glass, we feel like the wine punts better capture our unique look and feel.

Within the next few weeks, you will be able to purchase our 16 OZ beer candles in our new UPcycled glassware.

UPcycled Glassware for our Beer Candles

Beer Candles in UPcycled Beer Bottles.

Beer Candles in UPcycled Root Beer Bottles

Barley & Hops Craft Candles really likes the idea of doing our part for the environment by using wine punts. It just makes sense. In a way, wine punts allows us to UPcycle x2! After you burn down either you 12 OZ’s or 16 OZ of craft beer candle love, you can clean out the vessel and use it as a beer glass!

Each craft beer candle you purchase from Barley & Hops Craft Candles can ultimately be added to your UPcycled beer glass collection. These bar glass sets are also available for purchase at for $24 for the set of 4 in the 12 OZ size, and $28 for the set in the 16 OZ size.

Our Wine Punts are fire polished then annealed for the smoothest finish and greatest durability. By fire polishing, each glass will have a smooth finished rim that is consistent with the rest of the glass. This process also prevents cracking and chipping from normal, everyday use.

Beer Scented Candles in Beer Bottles

To purchase our 12 OZ craft beer candles, visit our online shop. If you are interested in purchasing our craft beer candles for your brewery, cigar shop or unique gift shop, simply fill out our online wholesale application form.




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