Screaming Vixen – Agave Hazelnut Brown Ale Scented Candle

If you didn’t know this already, each and every one of our craft beer scented candles are as original as their blend and label. Coming up with our beer candle names was actually pretty easy but for a couple, the creative process took a little bit longer.

So what the heck is a Screaming Vixen?

Screaming Vixen was the final candle to make up our core 6-pack. By the time Marsha had finished developing her amazing beer scents and I had already custom designed 5 of the beer labels, my creative juices were starting to fade. Then the strangest thing happened.

I had headed to bed early. Brandon, my husband and craft beer enthusiast, was out in the living room watching Fear the Walking Dead. By the time Brandon had busted through the door of our bedroom, I was dead asleep and NOT amused by his frantic entrance.

Before he could even open the door completely he says, “Did you hear that?”

I am like, “Ah no, I am sleeping.”

Then he rushes to the French doors that open up to the deck and locks them. He whips around and whispers, “Come out here and listen!”

I couldn’t decide if he was being serious or not, so I completely ignore him. Not 30 seconds later, he is shaking my arm and pulling me out of the bed.

“OK, fine! Just go, I’ll be out in a minute!” I whisper in my angry whisper voice. I get to the kitchen, where he has the sliding glass window completely open. He has his shushing finger over his mouth and mouthing, “Be quiet….listen.”

I listen. I am also glaring at him. Then….


“What the hell what that??” I mouth loudly. I was fairly certain that whatever was outside in the woods surrounding our home was going to kill us. If I were to try to describe what I heard that night, I would say it sounded like a raspy woman’s voice screaming “wow,” over and over again.

After listening to this craziness for probably 2 minutes, I went back to the bedroom and “googled” something like, “loud raspy woman voice screaming wow in the forest.”

The first thing that came up was this.

I know, right? Crazy!!!!

Brandon comes flying down the hall whisper screaming, “It’s closer!!!”

I snickered and showed him the video you see above.

He says, “Turn that off now! You are answering the call! It will be up here any minute now!”

So, there you have it. This is how I came up with the name, “Screaming Vixen” for our Agave Hazelnut Brown Ale scented candle.

Stay tuned to read even more fantastical stories about how we named our craft beer scented candles!

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