DIY Gift Basket for Beer Lover – Father’s Day Edition

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Beer Lover’s Gift Basket at Home

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? Even the dude-liest of dudes can get down with a gift basket – especially if it a craft BEER themed gift basket! YES! DIY beer lover’s gift baskets made at home can save you money and are super fun to make!

Today, I will be walking you through how to make the ultimate beer lover’s gift basket, step-by-step.

DIY Beer Lover’s Gift Basket – Under $75

  1. Get a basket. Pick up the perfect basket at your neighborhood Goodwill/Secondhand Store. Baskets of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be found lining the shelves in the home decorating section. ($3)
  2. Stuff it. I love this stuff. It is affordable, recycled and perfect for a more masculine gift basket. ($2.50)
  3. It’s craft beer-30.Visit your local liquor store and ask if they have a “Pick 6” section. If they do, you can choose a variety of 6 different craft brews for your “beer lover’s gift basket.” ($8)
  4. On the prowl for a GROWL-er. You can purchase a 64 oz or 32 oz growler at your favorite brewery or you can order one online! ($2.50 – $4.00)
  5. Get carded. (gift carded that is) While you are at your local brewery picking up the growler, purchase a $10-$15 gift card so he can fill it with his favorite brew! ($10-15)
  6. Mind your P’s & Q’s. Craft brewery pints & quarts. Order them online or visit your local brewery. ($10-12)
  7. Get lit. ($28)
  8. Pretzel Power. Twist, stick or round. ($3)
  9. Craft Beer Coaster. While you are visiting your local brewery picking up your growler and gift card, don’t be afraid to ask for a few of their paper coasters. Let them know you are making a Father’s Day gift basket and I can’t 99% promise you will hook you up! (FREE!)
  10. Crafty Coozie. Koozies can really be picked up almost anywhere. Shop your local dollar general, grocery store, liquor store, or local brewery. ($2.50)

1. Gift Baskets.

2. Stuff it.

3. Pick-6.

Brewery Growler - Beer Lovers Gift Basket

4. Growler.

5. Gift card.

6. Pint glasses.

Brewery Growler - Beer Lovers Gift Basket

7. Craft Beer Candles.

8. Pretzel Power.

9. Coasters.

10. Crafty Koozie.

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