Barley & Hops Craft Candles Aims to Bottle Microbrews in Wax

Leavenworth, KS June 1, 2016-  Marsha Flowers, who started 5B&Co. Candlemakers nearly 20 years ago, has decided to get into the beer business, but don’t even attempt to even sip one of her pints.  She along with award-winning graphic and web designer, Carrie Atkins, are back with Barley & Hops Craft Candles, which bottles up a 16 ounces of craft beers in wax form.

Marsha still owns the 5B&Co. brand and still pours for the company, but after her marriage in 2014 the actual storefront was getting in the way of her newlywed bliss.  She became friends with Carrie, who had done some web design for her, and the two talked about an online store.  After talking with their husbands, who are both beer aficionados, they had their angle.  

Candles such as Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Porter, Mosaic IPA, Big Henry’s Organic Chocolate Stout and even the Stogie from Muskogee (a Cherry Tobacco scented candle) can also be found in cigar stores and coming soon your favorite local brewery. They can also be purchased online.

In late-June, Barley & Hops Craft Candles will unveil the first in a series of scents using the labels of local breweries starting with Big Rip Brewery in North Kansas City.  The team is hard at work pairing the scent of the wax to the flavor of one of Big Rip’s microbrews.  Making sure the aroma evokes the essence of the beer is something Flowers works diligently at because she had heard many complaints that the candles on the market just didn’t capture the true smell.

The candles are made from green apricot kernel wax, which is considered to be one of the cleanest on the market allowing for a longer burn of 120-130 hours.    The wicks which provide a natural soot-free burn are manufactured in Germany and the candles themselves are free of any dyes or additives.  Each candle is also 100% green.  The vintage style amber jar is made from recycled soda lime glass bottles, and once used can be recycled and upcycled.

The company will be hosting monthly product launches at local breweries which will offer a new take on enjoying alcohol responsibly by getting lit at home with a Barley & Hops Craft Candles.

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