2016 Gift Guide for the Beer Enthusiast

Shopping for the beer lover in your life should be easy, right? Just get them beer! That is a great idea for the LOCAL beer lover, but what about those who don’t live around the corner? Shop our top 10 beer gifts for the beer lover.

Barley & Hops Craft Candle’s has comprised a list of 10 unique beer gifts ideas that the beer lover in your life will love! These beer gifts ideas are in no particular order but most of them DO come from MY city . . . KANSAS CITY!

  1. Beer Biscuits Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs by Beer Paws – Peanut buttery beer biscuits for dogs made with recycled barley grain from craft beer makers.
  2. Ceramic Beer Growler

    Ceramic Beer Growlers – Show Me Pottery

    Hand-Made Ceramic Growlers from Show Me Pottery – Designed using wheel-throwing techniques and re-engineered with 3D imaging software, our growlers are 64-ounce industry standard. Slip-cast in a mold, each growler is then assembled by hand. All glazes are food safe and non-toxic. What makes these Growers even cooler? Literally? The ceramic keeps your favorite brew cooler longer. These hand-made ceramic growlers are beautiful and functional but also look beautiful as home decor piece.   A ceramic growler  is the beer gift idea that keeps giving!

  3. 12 oz. Ceramic Beer Mug from Fiber & Clay Shop –  These stylish and handsome mugs look as good as they feel when filled with your favorite craft brew.  The story behind this bad boy will make you chuckle while you sip.
  4. Gift Certificate from Brew Lab KC – Although this place is located in KC and you might not want to send your beer lover to us in Kansas City for the holidays, a gift certificate to a brew lab near YOU is a crazy awesome beer gift for the beer lover in your life. If your neighborhood brew school is half as cool as OUR brew school….your beer lover will love the fact that he / she can learn to brew their own beer from the pros!
  5. KC Ale Trail from Pete Dulin – Just when you thought Kansas City couldn’t POSSIBLY get any cooler! Here are 20+established craft breweries in greater Kansas City, Springfield, Lawrence, Topeka, and Manhattan. NICE!
  6. Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine 😉 – 4x a year subscription to a magazine that is all about craft beer. Beer reviews, beer recipes, beer gadgets, beer, Beer, BEER!
  7. Spiced Amber Ale Beer Candle

    Son of a Sailor – Spiced Amber Ale Beer Candle

    Beer Candles by Barley & Hops Craft Candles – An artisan craft beer candle that men and women LOVE! These beautiful and unique candles are a beer lover’s idea of first-class home decor! Be careful where you light these babies….we have heard stories from beer lovers that swear their beer candles grow little beer candle legs and walk from room to room. (We think they are just being stolen by jealous family members…you be the judge.)

  8. Untapped App by Untapped – Not really a gift, just something that the beer lover in your life will LOVE! Untapped encourages beer lovers to log, track and share their craft beer and brewery experiences!
  9. Snake Bite Keychain Beer Opener by Snake Bite Co. – Stainless steel bottle opener not only easily opens bottles it also vents the back of aluminum cans for an amazing pour every time. Take our word for it….it is an amazing gift for the beer lover in your life!
  10. Wine Punts - Beer Gifts for the Beer Lover

    Wine Punts 4 Piece Set – $24

    Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses (Set of 4) by Wine Punts –  Barley & Hops Craft Candles (#7) uses these as their beer candle vessels! You can either buy the 4 piece set from Wine Punts for $24, or you can buy four 12 oz beer candles from Barley & Hops Craft Candles and get the whole set.




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