Unique Wholesale Gifts for Artisan Boutiques, Man-Cave Stores, Breweries & More

Are you looking to add something completely new, unique, trendy, hipster and craft beer lover approved products to your microbrewery, cigar shop, barber shop, or artisan gift shop?

Custom brewery candles, beard oils, and soaps are great gifts for craft beer geeks, artisan candle lovers, goat milk soap fans, brewers, man-cave dwellers, and shoppers looking for unique and hard-to-find gift selections for the person who has everything! Our brewery candles are loved by both men and women. Our brewery are unique in that they start with an actual barley & hops oil extract, and emulate some of the finest craft beers and microbrews found around the world. Barley & Hops Craft Candles are made from the wax extracted from an Apricot kernel. When refined and cold pressed, you get the cleanest and purest form of wax in the world.

Experience your favorite IPA, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, Hefeweizen, Ale and more in a candle or soap!

Shoot us an email or fill out our online application form for wholesale pricing information.

The Torn Label Brewery "House Brew" Candle
Wholesale Gift Ideas for Breweries, Artisan Boutiques & Man-Cave Stores.
Barley & Hops Craft Scents Wholesale
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Who Are We

Barley & Hops Craft Scents is the hottest new member of the artisan candle community. As much as we love all of the traditional candle scents and varieties that are out there, we decided it was time to heat it up a bit! Our scent collections are all craft beer scented. That does not mean our candles smell like a frat kegger party or your husband’s stint at home brewing. After all, how could we sell something that smelled bad?? Our brewery candles, soaps and beard oils borrow those amazing top-notes that brewers strive for and describe in their beer menus. Our brewery collections not only smell kick-ass, they are absolutely environmentally friendly and look super cool!

Kansas City Gifts - KC Brewery Candles

Become a Vendor

If you are interested in selling our stuff at your brewery, artisan gift shop, sports arena, man-cave shop, men’s boutique, or someplace similar, you can start the process by completing our wholesale request form. If your place is a good fit for our products, we will hook you up with a sell sheet and more information about our collections. Cheers!