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Steadying the Wick - Wholesale Craft Beer Candles

Steadying the Wick – Wholesale Craft Beer Candles

Craft Beer Scented Candles

Barley & Hops Craft Candles is now offering their one-of-a-kind beer scented candles wholesale. Our craft beer candles are hand-made by Marsha Flowers, 25 year candle making veteran. Craft beer candles are the perfect wholesale gift for both men and women.

Our man cave craft beer candles come in 3 sizes. 

  • 12 OZ Pint – Poured in recycled beer punt (beer bottle).
  • 16 OZ Growler – Poured in pillar style recycled amber glass bottle.
  • Three 6OZ Flight – Your choice of 3 craft beer candles served on hand-crafted wooden flight paddle.

10 Wholesale Craft Beer Candle Styles to Choose From

Agave Hazelnut Brown Ale Beer Candle

12OZ Pint Porter Beer Candle – Screaming Vixen

Our craft beer candles come in a variety of popular beer styles. Stout and Porter lovers will love our Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Porter candle  and Screaming Vixen Agave Hazelnut Brown Ale candle. For those who prefer the earthy & piney hoppiness of our IPA candles will appreciate our Bitter Sweet IPA candle or our Razzperry Tart IPA candle.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our wholesale customers is Do craft beer candles actually smell good?

Fair enough!

No. They don’t smell good. They smell AMAZING!

I love this candle. I walked into the room and had a pleasant, sweet, fruity scent welcome me. It’s so nice to have a unique scent you can’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend this one and can’t wait to try others. ~ Ladeanna – Bitter Sweet IPA

When I opened the candle, I really loved the smell even unlit! It was the perfect blend of the vanilla with espresso smell. .It just gave off a yummy scent as I walked by. After I lit it and let it burn a while, I thought it was rich and smooth scent and it made me want to actually drink it it was so delicious! ~ Nora Tripp – Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Porter

I bought this scent yesterday at the open house and OMG this smells delicious!! I haven’t even lit it yet and the whole room smells good enough to eat. I will purchasing other scents soon 🙂. ~ Heather P. – Hard Coraline Apple Crisp Prohibition Ale

Read more reviews on our product pages!

Wholesale Craft Beer Candles – Free Samples

Sample our Craft Beer Candles

Sample our Craft Beer Candles

Don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself! To get your free wholesale man cave craft beer candle samples, complete our request form below. We will deliver your choice of 3 craft beer candle samples and some more information about our wholesale program.

To learn more about Barley & Hops Craft Candles, you can either visit our shop or give us a call at 913-850-8827. To learn more about our company and the awesome people behind the idea, visit our about us page.

Ready to order? Start by filling out our online wholesaler application form!

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