Add Some YUM to Your Man-Cave

Gift for YOU, the Craft Beer Lover!

We promise we won’t tell the ladies in your life just how delectable these craft brew candles are! If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t share your affliction for sampling every new craft beer flavor that hits the shelves of your local liquor store, we will keep our lips zipped! Are microbreweries causing you to take extra long lunches or getting home late after work? Listen up! Does your girlfriend or wife SHARE your addiction to craft brews? BONUS!

Craft Beer Candles are the PERFECT Addition to your Man-Cave

Just imagine how fantastic one of our craft brew candles would look sitting on top of your man-cave bar top. It’s custom designed label glistening under the flicker of your brand new Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Porter scented candle’s flame.

That interesting smell your man-cave permeates that only you and your bro’s can appreciate (or get rid of)? Replace it with the hoppy aroma of our Bitter Sweet IPA scented candle!

Unique Father’s Day Gift You & Your Craft Beer Loving Friends Will Love?

Barley and Hops Craft Candles, of course! When your wife, girlfriend, significant other, son-in-law, daughter or daughter-in-law asks you what you want for Father’s Day this year – remember! Our craft candles are the best ANYWHERE, are totally cool and will give you 120+ of microbrewery scented euphoria!


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