Amazing Craft Brew Selection, Super Nice Guys

We had the opportunity to meet-up with Rafi and Travis at Torn Label Brewing Company . Our Mission: Find the PERFECT brew for our first KC local beer candle! We felt especially privileged to be invited in on an off day. Basically, we had the bar and the beer to ourselves!

Torn Label Taproom


Brew Selection Placard

Walking into the Torn Label Taproom almost felt like we were entering through a secret passageway as the main entrance was off to the side of the building. We walked up a wooden staircase to a nice and airy outdoor tasting pavilion. When we opened the door we immediately noticed all of the wood: wooden display cases for merch, wooden tables, wooden placard with brews on tap, wooden walls and last but not least, brew taps that were constructed of old wooden chair legs! The feel was cozy and warm.

The main bar was centrally located with tons of seating. Additional seating was available around the bar area as well. Yep, you guessed it – all hand-crafted out of various colors and forms of wood. One of the coolest decor decisions was leaving the production area visible through an indoor glass window panel, leaving the brewing process open for beer enthusiasts to experience.

Torn Label Beer Selection

After checking the place out, it was time to get down to business…craft beer tasting. (How sad for us, huh?) Rafi presented us with a gorgeous flight of their current brew selection.

This is what we were there to do. Sip and sniff. Sniff and Sip. Find the craft brew for our Torn Label beer candle.

Rafi walked us through each brew, explaining the brew process and ingredients of each brew. He was the perfect host!

Our Torn Label Craft Beer Flight:

Alpha Pale – A sessionable beer for hop-heads, this lower ABV pale is hopped to the max with juicy Pacific Northwest hops.

House Brew – A coffee wheat stout brewed with Sumatran Toddy from our friends at Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters.

Monk & Honey – This Belgian inspired ale features local honey, a soft sweetness, and just the right touch of spice from the yeast.

Hang ‘Em High IPA – Our rotating IPA with an ever-changing hop assortment, this batch features Centennial and Falconer’s Flight hops for a floral, citrus-y finish.

Craft Brew Candle Choosing – Not An Easy Task

After tasting and sniffing each of the brews, we realized this local brewery scent matching project was going to be harder than we thought. Each brew was delectable and carried a unique scent of it’s own. Whenever I had thought I found “the perfect brew” to scent match, I tried another.

Narrowing it down to our  two favorites was quite a task but we think we found a (as Marsha so eloquently put it) winner-winner chicken-dinner!

The guys were excited about our Kansas City Brewery scent matching series but are taking a little time to really hash out the details AND choose which brew they want to use! We plan on catching up with them later this week. Until then, you will just have to wait! OK, just kidding – we aren’t telling a single soul which Torn Label brew we decided on scent matching until our launch party to be hosted by us at Torn Label Brewing Company.

If you haven’t had a chance to sniff our beer candles, this is your chance! Also, if you haven’t yet tried Torn Label, BONUS! We promise you will love the new brew candle and love these super cool guys as well!

This is SO on!


The Torn Label Brewery, Kansas City, MO


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