Top 5 Summer Candle Scents

What are the best-smelling summer candle scents? Barley & Hops Craft Candles is excited to roll out our ALL NEW summer candle collection for 2021! If you didn’t know, all of candles in our Signature Scents collection are borrowed from moments in time…scents that give you that nostalgic, “take you back” kind of feeling. 

Our Signature summer scent collection is no different. From one of my new favorite songs to summer horse-riding camps, this feel-good candle collection has something for everyone!

  1. Pure Passion IPA Candle – A tantalizing fusion of citrusy cascade hops, passionfruit nectar and juicy mango slices with notes of lemon zest, rome apple and plumeria. Pure Passion IPA is a fantastically delicious summertime scent, with an upbeat and sunny aroma.
  2. Texas Sun Lemon Whiskey Candle – Refreshing lemon zest with notes of cask whiskey, sweet caramel, creamy vanilla and dry woody undertones. Inspired by the Leon Bridges song Texas Sun. “You say you like the wind blowing through your hair. Come on, roll with me ’til the sun goes down Texas sun.”
  3. The Stable Candle – The Stable starts out very green – smells like grass, dandelions, weeds, and hay. Over time it changes to an aged leather with some subtle notes of soft earth, sandalwood, and molasses. 
  4. Stoked Hawaiian Tropic Candle – The Barley & Hops “Stoked” candle is our version and smells exactly like the famous brand of tanning lotion known as “Hawaiian Tropic”. An awesome coconut nectar with an ever so slight hint of banana. The perfect summer candle!
  5. Lunar Tide Candle – Clean, powdery, fruit and spicy floral notes are anchored in with deep woody notes of sacred Palo Santo. Topaz is thought to cleanse emotions, thoughts and bring joy, love and peace. Sacred Palo Santo is purifying and cleansing, clears negative energy and restores tranquility and calm. Imagine sitting on the beach, toes in the sand, salty ocean breeze lightly kissing your face, and the glow of the summer moon caressing your soul.
The Stable Hay & Leather Candle
Texas Sun Lemon Whiskey Candle
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