Get on-board the Beer Candle craze!

Scent decorating with a beer candle? Are you serious? I want to find a way to get rid of the beer smell in my house!

Expert beer tester, Brandon Atkins.

Expert beer tester, Brandon Atkins.

In the initial stages of  product testing, tasting and wafting, Barley & Hops Craft Candles team members were discussing this very topic. The male half of our team thought the girl half of our team was half-tipsy when this concern was even brought up! Marsha, scentmaster and candlemaker, imagined how the wives of brewmasters and home brewers might feel about burning a beer candle in their home.

“They welcome home a husband that has been knee-deep in rye, malt, barley & hops. They spend hours trying to REMOVE these smells from their husbands clothing. Do we really think a BEER CANDLE is what they want burning on their mantle?” Marsha says…possibly slurs.

During one of these many early morning, late afternoon and early evening testing sessions, we unanimously decided to find a yummy middle ground.

The solution: Use only an authentic barley & hops oil base. It is more costly, but so very important to the authenticity. To make them smell as good as they taste, take great care in lifting the most palatable scents to the top – not to MASK any of the scents that make it smell authentic, but to compliment the merriment of the fragrances.

Where to Scent Decorate with the Beer Candle

  1. The Man-Cave: Throw a couple on the coffee table or on the bar. Brilliant. Cover the smells and beautify the cave! Great for Father’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays.
  2. The deck or patio: Scent decorate an outdoor space? Balderdash, you say! A candle cannot permeate the outdoors, right? Wrong. Believe me, our beer candles do. They not only look great, they smell amazing anywhere.
  3. The family room or living room: Imagine a Barley & Hops Craft Candle sitting on your mantle or end table. The vintage style amber glass and custom labels make this candle appropriate in any setting. Not that I don’t have love for the beer candle that is poured into a real beer bottle, it is just that these candles look great dressed-up or dressed-down.
  4. Your best man’s house: We promise, he’ll love it. Don’t forget about the other guys though, they will want one too.

Beer Candle Conclusion

Don’t buy the beer candles that look like a frothy beer in a mug. Just don’t. They are pretty lame. Scent decorate better with Barley & Hops. You will thank us. He will thank us. THEY will thank us!

We have a hearty selection of beer candles, choose his favorite!

We aren’t cocky, our beer candles are the best.


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