How do I remove candle wax from carpet?

As we always say, “Don’t Drink & Burn.” That is inevitably the first step to preventing wax from getting into the carpet of your mancave. If you have made the bold decision to sip on some suds AND burn your favorite Barley & Hops Craft Candle all at the same time, you might encounter some spillage. If this has happened to you, follow our simple instructions below and you will have that candle wax out of the carpet in no time!

Step-by-Step “Remove Wax from Carpet” Tutorial

  • Plastic Bag
  • Ice
  • Dull Knife
  • 2-3 Brown Paper Grocery Bags
  • Iron
  1. Chill-out.  The first step to cleaning up a craft beer candle wax party foul is to hit the ice. Grab a plastic bag, fill it with ice, tie it off and lay it down. Make sure the bag is completely sealed shut and cover the wax pool with the bag. Pour yourself a brew and chill. The wax needs to completely harden.
  2. Chisel & scrape. Once the candle wax has hardened, pull out your handy-dandy “wax-in-the-carpet stain removal kit.” If you don’t have one, everything you will need to make your very own should be in your kitchen. You will need a dull knife. That is your kit. Carefully, start to chip and scrape away at the hardened wax. This might take awhile but be a thorough as you can, this will make the next step much easier and more effective.
  3. Brown-bag it. Some candle wax removal methods suggest using a washcloth or a towel. We have just had better luck with a brown paper bag. Make sure you are using the bigger sized bag.
  4. Iron Maiden. Grab the iron. Make sure it is on a warm setting, not super hot, you don’t want to burn the bag or your carpet. Carefully press the iron across the top of the bag. You will start to see the wax absorb into the bag. We will usually use a few bags, this way we can tell when all of the wax has been removed from the carpet.
  5. The Final Solution. Head to the cleaning solution section of your home and grab some carpet cleaner. Barley & Hops Craft Candles are made with an Apricot wax with no dyes. If you are burning a candle that has any dyes, use rubbing alcohol to blot any dye staining.

There you have it! Now, reward yourself with a nap on the couch. You deserve it!


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