Lemongrass Hops Cider Candle


Lemongrass Apple Hard Cider Candle

We partnered with the Colorado Cider Company to turn their Grasshop-ah Cider into a cider candle that smells of crisp apple, lemon zest, a citrus bite, and bright tropical notes.

The first in our Botanical Series, Grasshop-ah marries our Glider cider with lemongrass and hops. These botanicals provide aromas of lemon zest, a citrus bite, and bright tropical notes. A late addition of dry hops and a dash of sweetness balance and compliment these unique-to-cider flavors.

Grasshop-ah is the perfect bridge for beer drinkers looking to cross over to the cider world. It gives them familiar flavors in a cider home. It’s also a hit with gluten-intolerant drinkers seeking a beery experience, and bold-minded cider lovers looking for new adventures.

Ah some: Grass. Hop. Ah. Took us back to the 70’s T.V. show “Kung Fu” and the patient response to the ever questioning young monk who would one day kick some serious kung fu butt. Grasshop-ah is an homage to questioning “why” and challenging tradition with an emphatic “why not?”

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Lemongrass Apple Cider Candle

Grasshop-ah Cider – Colorado Cider Company

8 oz. Specs

  • 8 oz. – 45-65 hr. burn time.
  • 9 oz. amber jar with black lid
  • Width: 2.75″ | Height: 3.7″
  • Use as a storage glass when you are done
  • Dishwasher Safe
Candle Details

  • Creamy soy wax blend.
  • High-quality, pure fragrance oils.
  • Hand-poured in small batches.
  • Fragrances are phthalate free and never tested on animals.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz


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