Custom Branded Candles

Are you a thriving brand interested in offering a hand-crafted, top-shelf collection of luxury private label candles?

Is your brand experience built around exceptional products and services that engage the senses?

Custom Scented Candle

Select scents from our wide range of top-shelf fragrance oils categorized as floral, fresh, oriental, & woody. We can also custom blend an entirely new scent unique to your brand!

Express Your Identity

We offer custom branded candles in a variety of glass containers, natural waxes, fragrance oils and box packaging to compliment your brand identity. Not sure what you want?

we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us for a free custom candle consultation.

A Personalized Fragrance Experience

We have a fragrance list that is separated into 4 scent categories; floral, oriental, fresh, and woody.

You can choose the scents that best fit the profile of your brand or our in-house perfumist can combine fragrances to produce a completely original signature scent that compliments your vision.

private label candles with a white glove approach

Made Entirely By Hand

No matter how small or large your private label candle order is, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Every candle that leaves our studio doors will be hand-wicked, hand-poured, and quality checked by our own eyes. The only machines that live in our studio are computers for creating labels & hand-crafted melting pots.

Our Private Label Luxury Candle Offerings

Candle Packaging & Design

Our design team can handle all custom designs, including packaging and labels, to bring your vision to life. From silkscreening to shrink banding, our only limitation is imagination.

Family Owned & Operated

We might not be the largest custom candle manufacturer in the United States but we are the mightiest. With my daughter and two boys by my side (a quite a few of our closest friends) we love making candles for others to enjoy.

Small to Midsized Production

We work with both small start-ups looking to establish their brand as well as more established companies looking for larger candle quantity orders. Small orders start at 10 MOQ per scent with a $450 minimum. Our midsized production orders start at a 500 MOQ per scent.