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October 29.2021

Today we’d like to introduce you to Carrie Atkins. 

Hi Carrie, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
It all started with a passion for artisan brew and the breweries that craft them. One night, over quite a few craft beers, me & some fellow beer-loving friends discussed the possibility of a candle that smelled like a craft brew. It was agreed that the candles would have to compliment the more pleasing aromas and leave behind the “beer” smell. After all, the candles had to smell amazing! What we have brought to the table is a completely new and exciting candle collection that captures the unique scent combinations found in artisan beer. 

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Barley & Hops Brings a Craft Beer Philosophy to Candles


Think Bigger -Barley & Hops Craft Candles

You can buy candles that produce just about any relaxing scent you can imagine—lavender, sandalwood, vanilla and more.

Well, what’s more relaxing than a nice glass of beer? A new business, Barley & Hops, has created a lineup of 10 candles that smell just like a tasty craft brew.

Barley & Hops is the brainchild of Carrie Atkins, a local designer, and Marsha Flowers, who started the longtime 5B & Co. Candlemakers shop in Weston, Mo.

“They’re the best I’ve ever done, and I’ve been doing this a long time,” said Flowers, who has more than two decades of experience creating candles.

One of the earliest inspirations from Barley & Hops came from an old friend who’s living in Germany, Flowers said. The friend sent her a bottle from overseas and challenged Flowers to duplicate the brew’s scent as a candle.

It became one of Barley & Hops’ first candles, its Bitter Sweet IPA.

All of the candles have their own craft-beer-style name and brand, like the Screaming Vixen Agave Hazelnut Ale Candle or the Hard Coraline Apple Crisp Prohibition Beer Candle. Atkins designs the labels and packaging.

The 6 oz. candles are packaged as a beer flight. The 12 oz. version will actually be sold in an upcycled beer bottle.

There are other beer-scented candles out there, but the duo says their commitment to getting the scent right is what sets their products apart. They strive for an aroma that emphasizes the hops and the barley, but not the yeasty odor associated with too many home brews gone wrong. (Their husbands, Brandon Atkins and Jack Flowers, happen to be craft beer fans, too, so they’ve got in-house quality control.)

“That’s the biggest thing we strive to do—is make them authentic, not gimmicky,” Atkins said.

The candles can be purchased at www.beerscents.com. Flowers and Atkins also want to take their products on the road to beer festival and other events.

While all of Barley & Hops’ initial candle “brands” were invented by Atkins and Flowers, the two entrepreneurs are working with local breweries to create candles based specifically on their beer. The first, with Big Rip Brewing Co.in North Kansas City, should debut sometime this summer.

Originally, Atkins and Flowers thought men would be the target market for Barley & Hops. “But I’ve yet to find a woman who puts her nose to it and doesn’t like it,” Flowers said.

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Barley & Hops Craft Candles Review

I love the romantic glow of candles, the hypnotic rhythm of the flame, pretty jars and the room permeating aroma. But what I do not love is the all the ingredients that are in candles. I was excited to find soy candles until I burned them. Not a good way to find out that you are allergic to soy. Needless to say, I gave up on candles and turned to incense, but always missing the warm glow of the candles.

So when my husband said we should go to First Friday events and start at Torn Label Brewery, because they are going to have some craft tables set up. One of the the vendors is going to be a candle maker called Barley & Hops craft candles. They make beer scented candles. Okay, let’s go check them out and at least we can enjoy a beer.

Once we got our beer, we went to check out the craft tables. When we walked up to the candle table I first noticed the beautiful brown glass jars with a cork stopper and some very fun and interesting labels. I was interested. I asked what the candles were made of and I was told that they use apricot wax. What? What is apricot wax? I was intrigued. I was informed that when the seed of the apricot is crushed it produces waxy substances. Very interesting. It creates a clean burning and long lasting burning candle. Also, I asked about the wick and found that they are stiffed with a cardboard. Even better. So we started smelling them to find one that we may want. They had beer, whiskey and tobacco scents. They were wonderful smelling. We settled on Screaming Vixen a hazelnut nectar brown ale.

We took the candle home and were very excited to burn it, but wanted to wait for the right moment to fully enjoy the scent and the glow of it. I felt the wax before I burnt it, and it had a body butter feel to it and you could really smell the hazelnut. I was hoping that it would smell that way when burning. It was very easy to light and the glow is very beautiful in the brown glass. I was very pleased to have the aroma that I smelled in the jar fill the room. Even after an hour of burning, it still smelled as good.

I did burn the candle on the next day for around three hours and was presently happy to have the same scent fill the room again. When the wax gets lower in the brown glass jar it puts more of a romantic and beautiful glow.

I can say that I have found a new candle. YEA!! I still have many more hours to enjoy this one and looking forward to some new scents to try. Go check them out at beerscents.com, @craftbeercandle on Twitter and Barley and Hops craft candle on Facebook. Pick up some wonderful candles, you will not be disappointed. I am off to enjoy the warm glow and the aromatic scent of my candle.

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Better on Draft

Barley and Hops Craft Candles Review

Link- Barley and Hops Craft Candles
Shop- Shop Candles
Review #1- Angry Bean – Vanilla Espresso Porter Beer Candle
Review #2- Screaming Vixen – Agave Hazelnut Brown Ale Candle
Review #3- Barley & Hops Craft Candles – Bitter Sweet IPA

Given the opportunity to try out three different candles, or a Craft Beer (Candle) Flight, we definitely hit the jackpot with the three choices, the IPA, the Brown Ale, and the Espresso Porter. If you’re a fan of coffee, the espresso porter is definitely one of the best candles that they have. When the coffee smell hits your nose, it smells like a fresh brewed pot is right around the corner. The Brown Ale hits the nose as a smell of roasted hazelnuts, which is one of the reasons why I chose it. It brings off the smell of a very malty beer that you would grab, like a Rogue, Surly Moe, or Cigar City Maduro. The IPA definitely had a bit more of a floral and citrus, maybe fruity style of smell. It doesn’t have the dank smell that a lot of IPA’s have as they get hoppier, but your standard session style IPA like a Centennial from Founders.

The wood flight it comes on is stained and very rustic looking and feeling. What’s nice is that the ability after using the candles (120 hours of burn time) you can wash it out and turn it into a nice tasting flight as the glasses can be re-purposed and they have their own stand to sit on.

Overall you’re getting a great candle, way more burn for your buck than most major candle outlets, and a nice surprise for the beer friend who has everything!


Beer Candles Make Good Scents

Marsha Flowers, a candlemaker for more than two decades, and Carrie Atkins launched Barley & Hops Craft Scents candle line, after being inspired by the aromas of craft beer.

Flowers and Atkins visit craft breweries to taste, smell and talk beer. Then they hone in on the key flavors and aromas of craft beer, such as hazelnut, malt, chocolate, espresso, hops and fruit, and replicate them in candle form. The candle labels mirror the craft beer artwork found on the brewery’s cans, bottles and tap handles.

Barley & Hops have created candles based on beers from Torn Label Brewing, Boulevard Brewing, Odell Brewing, Martin City Brewing and other breweries. For instance, the candle based on Cinder Block Brewery’s roasted chocolate porter has “notes of soft milk chocolate, lightly roasted nuts and brown sugar, followed by faint dark caramel tones, creamy malts and exotic dark fruits.”

Article at: Flatland – KCPT’s Digital Magazine – TapList
Article link: Beer Candles & Brew Lab Update
Article by: Pete Dulin
Date: June 13th, 2017 at 6:00 AM

Not Your Mother’s Candle

5 June 2017 by Jimmy Wags

… Although, maybe someday soon a candle from Mother’s?

Hosting a dinner party? Need to give a house-warming gift? Or maybe you just need a pleasant aroma for the bathroom? Candles are always a good option. But now, rather than agonizing over whether the occasion calls for more of a “warm sugar cookies” or “fresh pine” or maybe even “ocean breeze” scent, you can make your space smell like something you really love… beer, of course!

No, really. It sounds a little crazy, but read on, my friends.

Maybe “beer candle” makes you think of that warm-malty-wort smell that floats around breweries. Or maybe it conjures the aroma of your sticky kitchen floor after a day of home brewing. Or maybe you’re imagining the grassy-piney-flowery smell of pure hops. Maybe, like me, you assumed these candles must be all gimmick, where some sort of beer concentrate is poured into candle wax, a wick is added, and – voilà ! – beer candle. But, also like me, you would be wrong.

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