“The Stable” Horse Lover Candle

What equestrian can resist the sweet, earthy smells of a horse barn? Awww…the combined aroma of fresh cut hay, freshly cleaned leather tack, a bag of sweet horse feed, and freshly turned soil is what we like to call “barn smells.” Barley & Hops Craft Candles have taken all of these happy horsey smells, mixed them into a 12 oz soy wax blend candle, and aptly named it The Stable.”

If you have been on a search for the perfect Equestrian gift for the rough and tumble barn girl or barn boy in your life, The Stable will be a hit!

The Stable Hay & Leather Candle

Who needs this candle in their life?

  • The Avid Equestrian In Your Life
  • The Kentucky Derby Party Thrower
  • The Rough & Tumble Barn Girl or Boy
  • Stadium & Show Jumpers
  • Horseback Riders

Get yours here!


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