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Artisan Cider Candle Line From Barley & Hops Craft Candles

As we highly recommend you NEVER sip any of the candles from our new hard cider candle collection, we do though understand how you might be tempted.

Our hard cider candles are inspired by actual craft cider companies. Every label that hugs one of our cider candles has been given to us to borrow from its owner. We pride ourselves on the fact that we work with craft breweries and craft cider companies.

Why Hard Cider Candles?

The answer to this question really is quite obvious if you have ever had the opportunity to drink a craft hard cider. My first experience was in Fort Collins, CO.  Half expecting the flavor to be overwhelmingly sweet and fruity, I prepared myself for disappointment.  Once I had one, straight from the tap, I was hooked.

What Do Craft Ciders Taste Like?

My first exposure to hard cider was Woodchuck Hard Cider. For me personally – it was a  little off-putting in its sweetness, tasting more like an alcoholic apple cola than apple.

There are a myriad cider styles—and iterations of those styles. It really just depends on the cidery you choose to visit. Some cideries even compare their ciders to sour beers.

To make this easier for me, here is a list of hard ciders and descriptions. All of these hard ciders come from cideries around the world.

Hogan’s Hard Cider: a throwback to the earliest ciders of New England
Mackie’s Mulled Hard Cider: a blend of apples with cinnamon, cardamom, rose hips and lemon peel.
Dry Cider: name says it all; made with Champagne yeast and dessert apples.
Hopped Cider: citrusy Cascade hops added to the cidery’s Dry Cider brand.
Bitter Brothers Bourbon Barrel: a semi-dry cider aged in barrels previously used to age bourbon.
Sugar Shack: a cider made with local maple syrup, ginger and black walnut.
Rhody Coyote Red Apple Cider: the only cider of this winery, made with Champagne yeast.

So, What Do Hard Cider Candles Smell Like?

Read those descriptions above and you will get a good idea as to what our craft cider candles smell like. They are like NO OTHER candle I have ever put my nose too.

Look for our new hard cider candle line to debut Mid-Late August.

Stay tuned!

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