Sudsing Up the Yeti

A Goat Milk Beer Soaping Story

This morning, I asked my husband to let me take some pictures of him in the shower.

He is always coaxing me to try out the whole “shower beer” craze. When I told him I finally was ready to give it a go, he was thrilled. I handed him a bar of soap and he scoffed.

“What is this?” he said.

“It is beer soap!” I said with a smile. “Now we can have a shower beer in the morning!”

“Not exactly what I was talking about but SWEET,” he exclaimed.

Goat Milk Beer Soap - Hazelnut Nectar Artisan Soap

Hazelnut Nectar Goats Milk Beer Soap

My husband LOVES artisan soaps. He is a pretty hairy guy. Lathering-up is always a treat for him. That body hair can create some serious bubbles!

I tossed him a bar of the Hazelnut Nectar Brown Ale beer soap. He took a sniff.

“I love this scent!” he said closing the door.

“Let me know when you are all lathered up, I need to get some shower beer pictures for the website!” I say.

“The website???” he exclaims. “You didn’t say anything about putting anything on the website!”

~ 5 minutes later ~

I knock. No answer. I knock again, still no answer. I sneak in. I peeked behind the curtain. His shower beer had turned into a beer bath! I saw what appeared to be an abdominal snowman. My yeti husband had turned into a very happy snow beast! At this point, he hears me and turns around (beard COVERED in suds.)

“Hey! Not yet!” he cried.

“But this is just what I wanted,” I exclaim.

I ignore his request and steal a couple of shots.


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