16 ounce Craft Beer Candle. Bitter Sweet IPA.

16 ounce Craft Beer Candle. Bitter Sweet IPA.

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Something New For Your Craft Beer Lover

This year for Father’s Day – forget about the tie (do people still do that?), put down the coffee mug, and pick-up one of the coolest Father’s Day gifts for craft beer lovers! Shopping for dads can be hard. At least I know it was hard when I was growing up!

Whenever I would ask my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, he would tell me to save my money and draw him a picture. Of course, I didn’t want to simply, “draw him a picture.” I wanted to get my dad the COOLEST and most unique Father’s Day present ever, but it was so hard to do because he would never give me any ideas!

With that said, no – we will not help you draw a picture for dad this Father’s Day, but we will introduce you to the most incredible masculine candles anywhere…Barley & Hops Craft Candles.

Craft Beer Lovers LOVE our Craft Beer Candles

Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers - Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers. 3-Pack Craft Beer Candle Flight.

If you want to get dad or your hubby something he’ll really enjoy, take a look at the Barley & Hops Craft Candles line-up. From a dark, rich and full-bodied Vanilla Espresso Porter to a light, crisp and hoppy Bitter Sweet IPA, our craft beer candle collection promises to make this Father’s Day the best.

Choose our 16 ouncer for up to 120 hours of craft beer scented bliss, or if it is simply to hard for you to choose just one – pick-up our Father’s Day Craft Beer Candle Flight Set.

Just like the flights you get in a microbrewery, you can sample 3 of our nine 6 ounce beer candles. Our flights come to you in a handmade wooden flight paddle!



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