Unique Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lover

When shopping for the beer loving hipster, you’ve got to get those creative juices flowing. We have compiled a list of our favorite ideas, either borrowed from our customers, or something cool we stumbled upon while on our craft beer research journey.

If you have anything to add to our list, please help us by adding your idea to the comment section below.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Craft Beer Lover

  1. Local Craft Brew Festival. (Father’s Day Beer Lover Adventure.) If you’re cool daddy’o enjoys trying new beers every time he visits the local watering hole or liquor store,  a craft beer festival is a must. For my bearded baby-daddy, I have planned a romantic weekend including a day and evening adventure of beer tasting & local cuisine sampling at Boulevardia, a Kansas City brewfest favorite. Afterwards, I have booked a hotel located just around the corner. Brilliant! 
  2. Craft Beer Growler + Craft Beer Candle. (Customer Idea.) While at our product launch party, we had a woman purchase one of our wooden crate 2-Pack Craft Candle Sets. She choose 2 of our 16 oz. craft beer candles, Screaming Vixen and Bitter Sweet IPA. She put one of the candles in the crate and put her husbands favorite craft beer Growler on the other side!  I asked her what she was going to do with the other candle, and she said she was going to give it to her son for Father’s Day! Bam.
  3. Craft Beer Bottle Cap Coaster

    Craft Beer Bottle Cap Coaster

    Craft Beer Bottle Cap Coasters. For all of you crafty cuties out there, this is the craft beer lover gift idea for you! Grab your craftastic kit and those awesome craft beer bottle caps you’ve been collecting and do this.

    1. Mix up some resin.
    2. Pour a small layer in the bottom of the canning jar lids, and arrange the caps. Fill only to cover up the bottom of the beer cap and the top is uncovered.
    3. Beer-break. Let dry for 24 hours. This step is crucial.  Once dry, the craft beer bottle caps are adhered to the bottom of the coaster.
    4. Fill’er up. Mix-up some more resin. Fill the canning jar lid up the rest of the way. Just like your favorite brew, there will be a few little bubbles…don’t sweat it.  Just grab the hair dryer, make sure it is on cool and on low and blow until the bubbles surface than POP!
    5. Dry for another 24 hours and you have a fantastic gift for your craft beer lover! These babies also make great coasters for our craft beer candles!!! BONUS!
  4. BBQ & Beer Basket. If you are more of the hunting & gathering type…put your pants on, and let’s go store scavenging. Head on down to your local grocer and pick-up a bottle of BBQ sauce. Get the good stuff, it’s a gift for crying-out-loud. Giddy-up to the seasoning aisle and grab a couple of bottles of grilling seasoning. Next, get back in the go-getter mobile and hit the corner liquor store. Ask the helpful hipster behind the counter what craft beer he or she would recommend for you to add to your beer-lover gift basket. Finally, pick-up one of our craft beer candles…you will be needing this for your late-night make-out session. Schwing.
  5. Barley & Hops Craft Beer Candle. We are pretty damned excited about our Father’s Day 3-Pack Craft Candle Flight. You can check it out here.



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