Beer Candles – Smells Like a Winner!

If you are anything like us, there is nothing better than chilling out with a new brew, conversating with some good friends and enjoying the amazingness of spring from one of our favorite local spots.

This is exactly how and where the idea of brew candles was born. Luckily, one of MY good friends is not only a craft beer drinker but also one of the most amazing candle makers in the midwest. When the idea hit us, it was almost like we had been hit in the face with a “duh” stick. But as they say, things happen for a reason and timing is everything.

Ever since that magical “duh” night, our heads have been spinning like a Kansas tornado. So many ideas and opportunities have been presented to us that we didn’t even plan, imagine or anticipate happening!

A Marriage of Great Taste & Scent

Craft Beer + Beer Candles

In the last week, the idea of hooking up with local Kansas City breweries was born. It is such a wonderful opportunity for us to team-up with other like minded KC small business owners and entrepreneurs and share our love for local craft brew and microbreweries.

Meeting with local brewmasters and learning more about the brewing process is helping us better understand the science and art of producing a great craft beer. In turn, we can take this knowledge and apply it to the science and art of producing a more accurately craft brew scented candle.

The Beer Candle Journey Continues

….with a little help from our Kansas City brewmaster friends.

We invite you to tag along with us on this journey. We promise you will NOT be disappointed. I mean, come on – beer candle product launches at local Kansas City breweries and “to-die-for” beer candle sniffs?

Yeah, thought so!



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