Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Craft Beer Candles

Are you looking for a best man or groomsman gift that doesn’t involve a personalized money clip, cufflinks, flask or  a watch? 

Say thank-you to your best men and best friends with a Barley & Hops Craft Candle. We make it easy when in comes to the unique, the thoughtful, the awesome and the very BEST best man gifts for your upcoming wedding.


Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

organic chocolate stout beer candle

Personalized Craft Beer Candle for your Best Man or Groomsman. Gift Wrapped & Delivered!

Is your best man a craft beer lover? Well here’s an idea! Hook him up with a personalized craft beer candle! It’s easy!

  1. Find or snap a picture of your best man or groomsman. Make sure it is a sharp, high resolution photo.
  2. Send us the 411. Upload the photo using the form below. We will also need his name for the label. The beer candle we use that can be personalized is called, “Big Henry.” The “Big Henry” is an organic chocolate stout beer candle.
  3. Delivery options. We know the wedding day preparation process can be stressful. Barley & Hops can either mail your awesome personalized Barley & Hops Craft Candle to his doorstep, or we can gift wrap it and deliver it to YOUR doorstep! Either way, you are good to go!

Groomsman Cigar Candle Gift

12 OZ cherry tobacco candle

Stogie from Muskogee Cherry Tobacco Candle.

Is your best man a cigar lover?

Order our Stogie from Muskogee Cherry Tobacco Candle, head to your local cigar shop and pick out one of his favorite cigars, throw it all together and we promise you won’t regret it.

Bonus: Your best man’s wife or girlfriend will thank-you for it!

Don’t forget to remind him to light the candle 10 minutes before he lights up the stogie. The room will be filled with the rich and subtle sweet aroma of Grandpa’s cherry tobacco pipe.


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