Craft Beer Categories

What is a Brown Ale?

Brown Ales are amber or reddish-brown in color. They are relatively mild in flavor. Brown ales oftentimes will have hints of malt, toffee, caramel or coffee. These are sometimes referred to as  “nut brown ales.” This is only in reference to the color, not the flavor.

What is an IPA (Indian Pale Ale)?

IPA’s are lighter colored beer. They tend to have a sharper, more bitter flavor. This beer was originally brewed in England, then exported to India. Large amounts of hops were added as a preservative and to mask any off-flavors as a result of the long voyage. Depending on the IPA you are drinking or smelling, you might get a sense or flavor of grapefruit, pine, marijuana or roses.

What is a Porter?

Porter’s are a darker colored beer. Usually a deep shade of brown or mahogany. Porter’s are milder in aroma and taste when put next to a Stout. Porters have notes of dark chocolate, coffee (or espresso), and roasted grains.

What is a Stout?

Stout beers are dark, rich, creamy and thick. Like the Porter, they are dark in color. A Stout is made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. A Stout has taste and aroma notes of coffee, chocolate, licorice, or molasses. They are often referred to as strong Porters.

What is a Fruit beer?

Fruit may be added either during the primary fermentation or later. Fruit beer is usually made with berries, although other fruits can be used.

What is a Hefeweizen?

A south German style of wheat beer (weissbier) made with a typical ratio of 50:50, or even higher, wheat. A yeast that produces a unique phenolic flavors of banana and cloves with an often dry and tart edge, some spiciness, bubblegum or notes of apples. Little hop bitterness, and a moderate level of alcohol. The “Hefe” prefix means “with yeast”, hence the beers unfiltered and cloudy appearance.

What is YOUR favorite craft beer?

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