Custom Brewery Candles


Your first scent-match is on us! The Barley & Hops Craft Candle team invites you to choose a brew you would like us to scent-match…on the house!  

First Rounds On Us!

Get your brew scent-matched for free! No obligation. $150 value.
  • Which brew would you like us to sample?
IPA Beer Candle

Custom Scented Brewery Candles Scent-Matched to YOUR Brew!

We take brewery beer scent matching very seriously.

Barley & Hops Craft Candles aren’t your average candle!  Why?  Because we create a candle that smells uniquely like YOUR brew!

Every craft beer we’ve put our nose to has variances that make it subtly different in taste and scent. We pick up on those characteristics and infiltrate our wax with your unique craft brew scent. 

Our one of a kind candles make great promotional swag and a unique gift idea for craft beer loving patrons. 

Pour us your favorite brew and let us pour you your soon to be favorite candle!

Extend the Reach of Your Breweries Brand

. . . In 3 Simple Steps

Our Private Label Brewery Candle program is a great way to strengthen your breweries identity and expand your marketing presence. Whether you looking to resell or give away as promotional gifts, brewery candles are a unique way to set your brewery apart and keep your brand in front of your customers!

Step 1: Scent-Matching

We start the scent-matching process with a beer sniffing & tasting session.  Next, we use our nose for beer and proprietary fragrance oils (beer scents) to blend up the perfect sample for you to put YOUR nose to!

Step 2: Sample Delivery

You will notice your sample doesn’t smell like “beer” in the traditional sense.  The match simply borrows the unique blend of aromatics that are used in the brewing process to make a truly unique and intoxicating fragrance we promise you & your patrons will fall in love with.


Upon approval, the next step is turning your custom aroma into a brewery candle.  Your candle will be personalized with your brew label for the perfect signature touch.  Once we get the artwork for the label (our candles wear the beer label it represents), we can have your order delivered or shipped within three weeks.