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Private Label Craft Brewery Candles

Custom craft brewery candles are for the brewery that’s already done its homework. Your product, to put it simply, is on point. Not only do you know what it takes to make great beer, you also know what it takes to sell it.

You’ve spent countless hours honing the perfect logo for your brand, one that sums up exactly who you are in one beautifully concise GIF. Your t-shirts, hats, and stickers give voice to this identity, broadcasting to the world that YOU are the next beer brand to be reckoned with.

We at Barley and Hops Craft Scents are here to help you up the ante.

As any craft beer drinker knows, the experience of an exquisite pint is about far more than just the taste.

As the first sip tickles the taste buds, its perfect marriage of malt and hops wafts to all the senses, immersing its happy patron in a sea of citrus, or espresso, or even biscuits still warm from the oven. The possibilities are as endless as the brewmaster’s imagination.

(a) YOUR beer label example.

At Barley and Hops Craft Scents, our mission is to extend this experience beyond the last drop, reminding all who walk in the room exactly why your brand is their go-to. This is no generic aroma. It’s the essence of your product, pure and simple.

Together we can make your brand a household scent.

What are the next steps?

Brewery Swag - Growler of Beer
Scent Matching Brewery Candle
Scent Match Samples

Step 1: Choose Your Brew.
Send us the craft beer of your choosing. You can send a bottle, can, growler, crowler, or whatever you can find to get us a sampling of the brew you would like us to scent-match.

Step 2: Scent-Matching
Every craft beer we’ve put our nose to has variances that make it subtly different in taste and scent. We pick up on those characteristics and infiltrate our wax with your unique craft brew scent. We start the scent-matching process with a beer sampling session.  We use our nose for beer and proprietary fragrance oils (beer scents) to blend up the perfect sample for you to put YOUR nose too!

Step 3: Sample Delivery
You will notice your sample doesn’t smell like “beer” in the traditional sense.  The match simply borrows the unique blend of aromatics that are used in the brewing process to make a truly unique and intoxicating fragrance we promise you & your patrons will fall in love with.

Step 4: Choose Your Candle Size.
We have 2 available sizes. 12oz and 9oz. The 12oz is an amber jar with a cork lid. The 9oz is also an amber jar but with a screw top lid. Lid colors are silver, gold, or black. The 12oz candle retails for $28 and is $14 wholesale. The 9oz candle retails at $24 and is $12 wholesale. The first order minimum is $500 with a $250 reorder.

Upon approval, the next step is turning your custom aroma into a brewery candle.  Your candle can be personalized with your brew label for the perfect signature touch or we can design a label for you using your logo (a).  Once we get the artwork for the beer candle label approved, we can have your order delivered or shipped within 7-10 days.
Note: The 12oz is the only jar size that will fit a standard brew label. You can also choose to put an (a) style label on the 12oz if you so choose.

We take brewery beer scent matching very seriously. Barley & Hops Craft Candles aren’t your average candle!  Why?  Because we create a candle that smells uniquely like YOUR brew!

Ready, Set, Get Started!

Earthy, Pine IPA Beer Candle

(a) Example of custom label with brewery logo and beer name + scent profile.