Sample Some Local Craft Beer? Please & Thank-You!

Craft Beer Candle inspired by The Big Rip

It just seemed like the next obvious move for us. Team-up with a local Kansas City Brewery and sniff-out some local brew for our next craft beer scented candle! What a perfect way to showcase some of our amazing, local Microbreweries and sample a few brews!

The Big Rip Brewery, North Kansas City

I am particularly excited about this field trip because North Kansas City was my stomping ground back in 2005. My daughter and I lived in a house in what North Kansas Citians refer to as “the row houses.” My husband and I would walk around North Kansas City’s small downtown area and sample the local eateries and shop the quaint small businesses that lined the street. When we discovered The Big Rip brewery, you can imagine our delight!

The Big Rip is a self-proclaimed small brewery but in our opinion, extremely mighty. Their claim-to-fame is their ever changing selection of specialty craft brews. They suggest to stop by often to sample their eclectic selection.

If you have never visited The Big Rip of North Kansas City, check them out on Friday from 12-5 for their 5 Hour Happy Hour and take advantage of their $1 off select craft brews.

You can learn more about The Big Rip brewery of North Kansas City at their website.

They are located at 216 East 9th Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116.

Sampling for the Perfect Big Rip Craft Candle Scent

My team and I will be heading to The Big Rip this coming Wednesday to sniff out a favorite craft brew to add to our ever expanding of craft beer candles. This could prove to be a difficult task as their CURRENT craft beer selection boasts some of my favorite flavors. (The Priest Mint Chocolate Milk Stout in particularly.)

The Big Rips Craft Brew Selection for Week 4/4

  • Raspberry Gluten Free
  • Hathor’s Sweet Brown
  • Umbrella Kolsch
  • Priest Mint Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Hefe the Killer – German Wheat Beer
  • Delta 88 IPA
  • Aisle 12 West Coast IPA
  • 237 Milk Stout on Nitro
  • Groovy Pale Ale

Stay Tuned

Hopefully by next week we will be announcing our very first LOCAL craft brew candle supporting the label of The Big Rip! As always, we will be combining our creative juices to come up with the perfect custom brew name and label for this brew candle!


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