Barley & Hops Craft Candles, like microbrews and craft beers, do not come from a box.  Each craft brew candle we produce starts with a favorite from our team. I have a “craft beer lover” significant others so choosing a scent to reproduce is really quite simple.

Untapped App for Craft Beer Lovers

untapped-brandon-atkinsMy husband, and official beer enthusiast for Barley & Hops Craft Candles, Brandon Atkins recently convinced me to add the “Untapped” app to my iPhone. “Untapped” is an app used by Craft Beer lovers around the world. “Untapped” is sort of like a social media outlet.

The app offers it’s members access to:

  • Nearby popular bars and beers
  • Sharing what and where you are drinking
  • Discover what and where your friends are drinking

What I love about the “Untapped” app is having the ability to catalog my craft beer selection by photo, star and written review and share my experience with my friends!

This is just one way we can collaboratively choose beer scents from our favorite local or national breweries, liquor stores nearby or beer tasting get-togethers!

The Barley & Hops Craft Candles Core Six Beer Scents

Choosing the Brew Scents

tart-cherry-berlinerOur top or core six craft brew scented candles took some time to compile. The variables of choosing actually became quite complicated!

We faced decisions such as:

  • Do we choose a favorite scent from each of the most popular craft beer styles? For example, one porter scent, one stout scent, one IPA scent, one wheat scent, one saison scent and maybe a pale ale scent. This became way to complicated! There are more than 75 styles of craft beers!
  • Do we select only the top rated craft beers from a reputable Brewer association? This seemed like a solid and safe idea! The biggest problem was trying to locally locate all of the beers on the top 10 lists! Yeah, impossible. Half of the craft brews in the top 10 lists were discontinued!

In the end, we all spent way too much time behind a computer screen and way to0 little time enjoying a new craft beer with our friends!

Craft Beer Drinking Culture

marsha-craft-beer-scentmaster-candlemakerResearching and trying craft beers based off of other people’s experiences takes so much of the fun out of discovery! My husband would kill me for saying this but for many of the same reasons I love “finding” the perfect steal at my local 2nd hand-store is kind of how it feels to pick an amazing craft beer from my local liquor store of neighborhood brewery! “Sharing” the find with a friend or discussing the thrill of the chase is vital part of the craft beer drinking culture!

In the end, we decided to go with what we knew and loved locally! That is the beauty of craft beer drinking, isn’t it? The discovery process!

The Final 6 Craft Brew Scents

In the end, we decided to go with what we knew and loved locally! That is the beauty of craft beer drinking, isn’t it? The discovery process! We choose some of our scents from our forever favorites, a few new discoveries suggested by our favorite beer connoisseurs from the local liquor store, and a couple while enjoying happy-hour deals at our local breweries!

Check out our core 6 craft beer scented candles here!



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