Custom Merchandise For Your Brewery

Relish the aroma of custom craft beer candles

Barley & Hops Craft Candles is an artisan candle company specializing in one thing, and one thing only. We make custom craft beer candles for craft breweries all over the United States.

Barley & Hops Craft Candles crew is comprised of one artisan candle maker chick and one graphic/web designer/marketing gal. Together, over many local craft beers, the duo came up with the brilliant idea of crafting a candle series that borrowed the aromatics of some of their favorite local brews. In the beginning, they had no idea that someday they would be scent-matching craft beers from some of the nation’s top breweries.

How the craft beer candle idea was born

IPA Beer Candle

IPA Brewery Candle – Odell Brewery

In the beginning, they had no idea that someday they would be scent-matching craft beers from some of the nation’s top breweries. It all started much simpler than that.

The idea of creating craft beer candles was born as all great brewery merchandise ideas are born – consuming craft beer.

They would choose 10 craft beers, five favorites from each other’s list of “favorite craft beers.” Next, they would have their first Craft Beer Tasting party. The 10 beers were sampled and scrutinized one-by-one based on appearance, aroma, and taste. Notes were taken. These notes were then used to develop their base of beer scents. (Hense, our companies nickname.)

What are Beer Scents?

Barley & Hops Craft Candle beer scents are the world’s first proprietary line of craft beer based fragrance oils that can be used to create 100’s of different craft beer aroma varieties. There are over 50 different singular aromas that comprise this unique collection of craft beer fragrance oils.

One Great Reason

Brewery merchandise that can turn non-beer drinkers into craft beer fans.

Scents and aromas evoke memories and emotions, which you can use to your breweries advantage.

Most non-craft beer drinkers won’t even try a craft beer simply because they are not a “beer fan.” Unfortunately, most of the of-age population’s first encounter with beer is usually either a Bud, Coors or some other brand of American Lager. Because of this, most people associate ALL beer with this category of beer. It is hard to convince someone who started their beer drinking career with an American Lager that all beer doesn’t taste like an American Lager.

We can help transform someone’s bad beer experience into a good craft beer experience.

Every time a Barley & Hops Craft Candle is purchased, they are taking home the “aroma” of one of your brews. Our craft beer candles smell obnoxiously amazing.  Because the candle is wrapped in your brewery label, so is your brewery branding.

Candle Buying Statistics

Worried a custom beer candle made for your brewery won’t sell? Think again.

  • Candles are used in 7 out of 10 U.S. households.
  • 90% of all candle purchases are made by women.
  • 51% of craft beer drinkers are women.
  • Both men and women consider candles to be an always-acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a wide variety of occasions.
  • Candle purchasers say they view candles as an appropriate gift for the holidays (76%), as a house warming gift (74%), a hostess/dinner party gift (66%), a thank you (61%) and as adult birthday gifts (58%).

How can we help your brewery?

If you are ready to get started, you can fill-out this form. If you want to learn more about our candles and how it works, visit this page. If you are a retailer wanting to carry Barley & Hops Craft Candles, swing on over here.