Curious about Brewery Candles?

bottle-cap-candlesTry a beer cap mini brewery candle sample before you commit to the full 12 oz. size.

All brewery candle samples come in a beer cap with a mini wick for burning. The beer cap brewery candle sample is the same exact fragrance as the candle you have ordered. This allows you to sample your candle before making a final commitment. It’s that simple!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Order the brewery candle that most appeals to your most inner hipster. With your order, choose 2 other scent samples to try.
  2. Finalize your purchase on our secure check-out page.
  3. Happy dance! Your package has arrived. In your package, you will find a beer cap sample of your scent. Burn the bottle cap sample in a very small room, such as a bathroom. If you burn your sample in a bigger room, you will not get a true representation of the scent.
  4. Love it? Keep it!
  5. Not crazy about it? Return the candle within 24 hours. Any returned candle must be postmarked no later than 24 hours after you receive the candle or we will assume that you love your brewery candle and want to keep it! Once we receive the candle, we will inspect it for imperfections such as burning, fingerprints in the wax or damaged label. If the candle passes the inspection, we will refund the cost of the candle plus $5 for shipping.

Please note: Make sure you repackage the candle in the same way it was received. We have been doing this for a while and our breakage record is 0! If the candle is returned broken, we can not refund your money for the candle.