Whiskey Tobacco Artisan Candle

The Executioner

Barley & Hops Craft Candles have created a line of tobacco candles inspired by the rave reviews of our beloved whiskey tobacco candle named The Executioner.

The Executioner is cozy, manly, sensual, and rich. The aromatic combination of decadent Madagascar vanilla, sweet & spicy barrel aged brown sugar bourbon, and tobacco leaf creates a warm ambiance that lasts up to 85 hours.

The Double-Dealer Tobacco Candle Line

Tobacco Candle

The Four Points Blend

The Four Points Tobacco Candle

The first candle in this series is The Executioner. The second candle in the series is called The Four-Points. The Four-Points boasts a softer scent profile when uncorked but don’t be fooled,  its aroma will fill a room without ever being lit.

We name this luxuriously scented tobacco candle blend The Four-Points because of the 4 aromas that make this intoxicating candle. When uncorked, you will be greeted with the light citrusy & soft floral bouquet of warmed green tea leaves followed by the soft and round scent of wild honey. The Four-Points has a warm-hearted center of fragrant barrel-aged bourbon & balmy Virginia tobacco leaf.

The Double-Dealer Tobacco Candle

The Double Dealer Tobacco Candle

The Double Dealer

The third candle is The Double-Dealer, for whom the series is named. It has a dark, woody blend of cedar and sandalwood, and smooth, smoky Kentucky bourbon which fades into a soft woodsy scent reminiscent of a high-quality humidor which creates a rich, luxurious experience.

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