Beer Candles for your Beer Lover

Beer Lover Valentine's Gift Idea

Double-Shift “Don’t Call Me Radio IPA” Brewery Candle, Growler & Pint Glasses

Are you on the search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your hopped-up honey? Does your baby drool like a toothing toddler when he discovers a new favorite craft beer?

If this is you, we’ve got the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift idea for you!

Barley & Hops Craft Candles is on a mission to create the perfect gift for the beer lover and candle lover looking for something completely new and unique.

A 6-Pack or a Growler Built For Two & A Candle That Compliments His Favorite Brew

Step 1:
Barley & Hops Craft Candles has a beer candle for every kind of beer lover. Our candles are inspired by only the finest craft beers, most of which can be found in your local brewery. If your lover is more of the hoppy type, we have a fantastic selection of IPA style brew candles to make him smile. If he is more into the darker beer variety, we have some stout and porter brewery candles that will have him reading you poetry by candlelight in no time.

Step 2:
Take a trip to either your neighborhood liquor store or better yet, keep it local and stop into your local brewery!

2017 Beer Lovers Gift Idea

Stockyards Brewery, Kansas City. Growler, Black IPA Beer Candle, Pint Glass

If you aren’t sure if your city or town has a brewery, get to Googling! (Just click the link, we’ve done it for you!) You might be surprised!  If you have never been to a brewery, we highly suggest you take a little field trip. While you are there, take some time and read over the beer menu. If you aren’t a craft beer drinker, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do some research.

One of the most wonderful things about a brewery is a flight. A flight can either be 4 or 5 5-oz size beer samples of your choice. If you aren’t sure where to start, talk to your Craft Beer Specialist (bartender.) I have NEVER met a Craft Beer Specialist that doesn’t love their job more! They can walk you through how to read the menu, make suggestions on what you might like, and instruct you on the proper way to “taste” a craft beer. Once you have found a craft beer that you like, you can take it home in Growler form! Not only will he get an AMAZING beer, he will be able to share it with YOU!

Step 3:
Put it all together!
Do your thing, get creative! Honestly, you won’t have to do much. Grab a couple of pint glasses (if you don’t have any, pick a couple up!), the Growler, and the craft beer candle of your choice. Put them together on the table of your choosing. Now wait….

What happens from there is all you. I CAN say, your love bug will NOT be disappointed.

Choose your brewery candle today!

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