The Different Types of Beer Scented Candle

Just like craft beer from your local brewery or the liquor store up the street, craft beer candles fall into a different scent style or category. Each style has its own distinctive flavor and aroma.

This article is intended ONLY to help educate the non-craft-beer drinkers. For all of you craft beer geeks, please go easy on me (this is NOT intended for you).

It is what is added “on top” of the traditional style base that makes the craft brew or beer scented candle uniquely different!

The Porter Beer Scented Candle

Porters are typically brewed using a pale malt base with the addition of black malt, crystal, chocolate or smoked brown malt, and a good amount of hops.

Porter beers and porter beer scented candles traditionally have a significant caramel, nutty, and/or toffee character. Secondary aromas commonly detected are coffee, licorice, biscuits or toast.

Fun Fact: In 18th-century London, a popular beverage fondly referred to as “Entire”  was made mixing 1/3 pint each of ale, beer and twopenny (the strongest brew). This is what became the “Porter.”

The Stout Beer Scented Candle

Espresso Vanilla Stout Beer Candle

Espresso Vanilla Stout Beer Candle

A stout beer is known for its standout, roasted flavor, and aroma. Its distinctive coffee flavor & aromas come from the unmalted roasted barley.

Some common flavors and aromas associated with a Stout or stout style beer scented candle are; coffee, oatmeal, sweet, cream and bourbon barrel.

Fun Fact: A “stout” is really not a beer style. It is really just a stronger Porter. Way back in the late 1600s to early 1700s, a Stout was a stronger, fuller-bodied variety of porter, fondly referred to as “stout porters.”

Our Stout Beer Scented Candles: Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Stout, Organic Chocolate Stout.

The IPA (Indian Pale Ale) Beer Scented Candle

An IPA really is an acquired taste and is often considered to be a brew for the more advanced craft beer drinker.

This is not entirely true when it comes to the IPA beer scented candle. Our Bitter Sweet IPA beer candle is actually our best seller.

Depending on the Hops type, IPAs can smell like citrus, pine, or flowers. IPAs can also have earthy, spicy, fruity and herbal notes.

Our IPA Beer Scented Candles: Bitter Sweet IPA, Raspberry IPA

The Ale Beer Scented Candle

There are many types of Ale’s out there. We will touch on a few!

The Brown Ale

Hazelnut Nectar Brown Ale Beer Candle

Hazelnut Nectar Brown Ale Beer Candle

Barley & Hops Craft Candles has a brown ale that is out of this world!

The brown ale usually has a slightly higher alcohol content, and often a more prominent hops flavor. It can also have background flavors of bread (yeast), chocolate, coffee, and sometimes dark berries.

Some common flavors and aromas associated with a brown ale are; chocolate, a lightly-roasted coffee, dark berries, a subtle nuttiness, and smooth malt.

The Spiced Ale

The spiced ale style is specially herbed and or spiced with anything from the seasonal spiced Fall Pumpkin ale to Christmas spiced ales with beers spices such as honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, and all-spice. The B&H “Son of a Sailor” spiced amber ale features a blend of hoppy pine, warm clove, subtle honey and vanilla. Our Honey Ale combines strawberries, apples, white grape, bright citrus, earthy honey and spiced vanilla.

Our Ale Beer Scented Candles: Screaming Vixen Hazelnut Nectar Brown Ale, Son of a Sailor Spiced Amber Ale, Horny Honey Amber Ale, Hard Coraline Apple Ale.

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