Barley & Hops Craft Candles do smell like a variety of craft beers.

The intensity and authenticity varies from candle to candle. For instance, as our Angry Bean Vanilla Espresso Porter does have a classic porter roasted malt or roasted barley base smell, it is heavier on the aroma of rich espresso and warm vanilla bean.

If IPA’s or beers with a distinctive “hoppy” flavor or scent is more your thing, our Bitter Sweet IPA is the way to go. Our IPA candles are blended with an actual hops extract oil. Because we try our best to mimic the scents of some of the finest craft beers available, our scentmaster Marsha is very picky when she is adding the top notes aromas.

Smell is the dominant sense affecting flavor perception. ~ Julia Herz,

Craft Beer Candle Ranking Scale

As many times as I have tried to make the internet “scented,” I have realized that it will never happen…at least not in my lifetime.

There are a couple of ways we can best articulate how our craft beer candles smell: 

  • Reviews from our customers.
  • A scent scale based on intensity and authenticity.

Just like when I am in the mood to try something different, I will usually ask the bartender for suggestions – starting with the type of craft beer I prefer. In turn, they will usually offer me a few suggestions or set me up with a “flight.” A beer flight is simply a sampling of several beers. At the same time, fellow patrons will chime in with their suggestions. These are what I consider to be “reviews” if I am at a brewery or bar.

Another method I use for craft beer selection is to simply read the beer list descriptions. This is a good way for me to start. I start by choosing a type, based on my mood, and then read the descriptions in that category.

Craft Beer Brewer / Aficionado VS Occasional Craft Brew Drinker

Craft Beer Brewer / Aficionado. Our clientele is as unique as our craft beer candle selection. For example, craft beer brewers have a discerning nose when it comes to scent authenticity and how it is defined. Craft beer brewers and craft beer aficionados can make a night of tasting a variety of brews and describing the flavors and scents they are detecting. They celebrate the fact that every beer they taste or brew is unique in it’s aroma and taste, therefore, many of our beer brewer’s prefer a craft beer candle’s “flavor” to be more authentic.

Occasional Craft Brew Drinker. On the other side of the spectrum, we have people who appreciate a good craft beer every once in awhile, but do not consider themselves to be craft beer enthusiasts. Many of our “occasionals” lean more toward a craft beer or craft beer candle that advertises a familiar and tasty flavor. Flavors like apple, strawberry, honey, maple, vanilla and even espresso and coffee are more appealing because they are “familiar.”  For our newbies or just someone who appreciates a good flavored beer every once in awhile, we offer craft beer candles that are ranked a little less on the “authenticity” scale and a little more one the “intensity” scale.

So there you have it. Craft beer candles that smell like an actual craft beer. If you need any help choosing the best brew candle for you or the beer enthusiast in your life, you can use our online form or simply give us a call at 816-898-6401.


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