Dad Wants Beer Candles for Father’s Day

Lager Beer Candle - Blue Collar Lager

Blue Collar Lager Brew Candle

Your craft beer drinking daddy called and asked us to tell you to pick him up some Barley & Hops Craft Beer candles this year for Father’s Day! He told us that although he absolutely LOVES the ties, the socks, and the technological gadgets you have picked out for him in the past, he is ready for a Father’s Day gift that is super unique, smells good in his man-cave, and is totally beer related!

Even better? How about a craft beer candle that compliments his FAVORITE craft beer style of choice and then asking your mom or grandma to grab him a 6-pack of premium brew to wrap up along with it! Just imagine his happy face when he opens up his beer

Barley & Hops Craft Candles come in aromas that compliment his favorite stout, porter, IPA and lager!

No wimpy vanilla candles here. Go pick one out here. 

Just imagine his happy face when he opens up his beer candle/craft beer present this year. PURE JOY.

Make 2017 the year for the BEST FATHER’S DAY GIFT EVER!

Shop Barley & Hops Craft Beer Candles!

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