What types of beer candles are out there?

So many to choose from, but what makes them different?

  1. The Beer Bottle Candle

    The Beer Bottle Candle

    Beer Bottle Candles.

    The beer bottle candle has been crowd pleaser for a few years. Etsy hosts many varieties of these beer candles. Beer bottle candles are constructed from recycled craft beer bottles. The top of the bottle is cut off, leaving a nice cylindrical vessel to pour the wax into. The label of the beer remains, making these candles unique in that they look pretty cool. You might think that these “beer candles” are scented to smell like the beer on the label, but they are not. You can choose from a variety of scents, but beer is not one of the choices.

  2. Beer Mug Candles.

    Beer mug candles, also a favorite on Etsy, uses an actual glass beer mug. Usually, a light yellow colored gel wax is used to emulate “beer,” and a paraffin wax is used on top fashioned to look like the frothy head of the beer. Many of these beer mug candles are scented to smell like a basic beer scent. The beer mug candles is really more of a “novelty” gift, often referred to as a funny or gag gift. Most are very realistic looking and fun!

  3. Beer CAN-dles.

    Etsy seems to be the place to find most of these beer candle varieties. The beer CAN-dle is very similar to the beer bottle candle but poured into a beer can.

  4. Beer Candle 3-Pack.

    Out of the 3 beer candle types mentioned so far, the “3-Packs” are by far better quality. To us, they transcend the “crafting” category. These candles actually smell like beer. The scent choices are limited to the beloved IPA, Stout, and Pale Ale craft beer. The presentation and material quality of these beer candles are also by far superior to the above 3.

  5. Barley & Hops Craft Candles.

    Of course, we are bias being beer candle crafters ourselves. When Marsha and I had the idea to create our own brand of craft beer candles, we had no idea anyone else was doing it. When we set the wheels in motion and had decided we would be moving forward with the idea, I started doing some research. much to my surprise, very few crafters and candlemakers were making beer candles that actually SMELLED like a craft beer!This was the entire premise of our idea. If you have never stepped foot in a microbrewery or sampled a local craft beer, you might not understand how important it was for us to make an authentic beer candle. We also took the time to read the reviews made by craft brew drinkers that had purchased a “3-pack.” Many reviews were very good, but many spoke to the fact that they didn’t quite smell like an actual craft brew. This is something that is very important to us, making a beer candle that smells like a high-quality craft beer. To be fair, some of our beer candles smell more authentic than others but overall, we are more than pleased with the results!


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