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There are many kinds of beer bottle candles available for purchase online but they are not all the same. I got a call from a wonderful girl out of Portland, OR the other day. She had a few questions for me before she bought one of our candles. She said she had been searching online and local boutique shops for an actual authentic beer bottle candle.

Cinder Block Pavers Porter Brewery Candle

Cinder Block Brewery Porter Beer Bottle Candle

After almost giving up, she found us. I got a few texts from her asking about the authenticity of our candles. She seemed skeptical. She told me about a review she had read online claiming to sell authentic beer bottle candles that actually smelled like GOOD beer! Like micro-brewery craft beer, not frat party watered down American lager.

There were a few out there reviewers said: “smelled good, but not like a true craft brew.”

This is where we come in. We offer authentic craft beer candles. She told me what her husband (who works at a brewery in Portland, OR) wanted his beer candle to smell like. “It’s all about the malts and spent grain,” he said, “If I could ever turn that smell into a candle, I would be in heaven.”

We decided upon the Paver’s Porter by Cinder Block Brewery. This beer bottle candle is one of the most “authentic” porter candles we offer. She was thrilled. Beer Bottle Candle That Smells Like Craft Beer

Brewery Approved

Barley & Hops Craft Candles prides itself on being “brewery approved.” This isn’t us saying that we THINK we are brewery approved, we actually work with craft breweries to get the aroma right. Once the aroma is approved, this is when we go to work. The brewery gives us permission to use their label and then sends us the artwork for the beer bottle candle label.

The label you will see on your beer bottle candle is not the label that came with the beer bottle and then cut-off. We use only the highest quality labels for our candles.

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