• Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout Beer Candle

    Our Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout beer candle is a full-bodied and fragrant blend of creamy baked oatmeal, notes of butterscotch, farm-fresh cream, rich Columbian coffee and a dark, fruity, oak-cask aroma of Kentucky whiskey.

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Norwegian Wood & Leather Candle

    Our Leather Candle combines sun-worn leather, light-hearted oud, soft forest pine, cedarwood, and a dash of saffron for character.

    This masculine candle is a smooth, complex, creamy, and commanding aroma that takes you back to Grandfather’s well-worn leather armchair. We promise, this is the most authentic leather candle you will ever put your nose to!

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    American East-Coast IPA Candle

    Fruity and fresh aroma of pithy grapefruit and juicy citrus. The rich citrus character comes from freshly-squeezed red grapefruit and sweet blood orange, along with orange peel and lemon zest. Think juicy-fruit gum meets your favorite East-Coast IPA. Inspired by Odell IPA.

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Oak Barrel-Aged Whiskey Tobacco Candle

    Sweet pipe tobacco, smooth & spicy whiskey meld with oak cask, Brazilian orange peel, earthy patchouli with finer notes of Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, and dark cacao.

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Old Fashioned Whiskey Candle

    Our Old Fashioned Whiskey Candle opens with the scent of warm rye bourbon, followed by notes of Angostura bitters and sweet orange, and finishes with bourbon soaked cherry.

    Pro Tip: When ordering at a restaurant or hand-crafting at home, always have Luxardo Cherries or Bourbon Soaked Cherries and not the Maraschino cherry. Try the Rye. You’re welcome.

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    The Stable Horse Lover’s Candle

    The Stable “Horse Lover’s” candle starts out earthy  – smells like dirt, dandelions, weeds, and hay. Over time it changes to an aged leather with some subtle notes of soft earth, sandalwood, and molasses.

    Pro Tip: Save a horse, ride a cowboy / cowgirl. You’re welcome.

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Stoked Hawaiian Tropic Candle

    The Barley & Hops “Stoked” candle is our version and smells exactly like the famous brand of tanning lotion known as “Hawaiian Tropic”. An awesome coconut nectar with an ever so slight hint of banana. The perfect summer candle!

  • Manly Candles , Signature Series

    Lavender Vanilla Coffee Porter Candle

    A unique blend of sweet lavender, warm vanilla, rich coffee, toffee, dark fruit, and roasted nuts.

  • Hair Koozies - Hoozies

    Andy Reid Koozie Hoozie “Hair Koozie”

    Black / Red
    Fits: 12oz. Can / Bottle
    Safety: Do not smoke while using Hoozie. It will catch fire. Drink responsibly.

  • Collab Candle Series , Manly Candles

    Odell IPA Candle

    Odell IPA Craft Beer Candle

    Welcome to perfection. We’ve collaborated with the Odell Brewery Co to create a brewery candle to celebrate one of their most popular brews, the IPA. It took us a few times to really nail this one but once we did, we knew it.

    The Odell Brewing Co IPA brewery candle has a bright citrus hop scent of …