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We love craft beer. We drink a lot of craft beer. We have built our entire product line around the aroma of craft beer. We make craft beer candles.

Today, we have stepped into the world of Craft Ciders and Perrys.

I do have to admit, I didn’t think I could ever get behind a hard cider of any kind, shape, or form. Then, I visited my first Craft Cider Bar. I had taken a trip to Fort Collins, CO to deliver some Odell IPA candles. While I was there, I called upon and visited a few of the local breweries. In between brewery visits, I decided to check-out a local cidery because I had heard so many wonderful compliments about their ciders.

On the menu were ciders that touted flavors such as blueberry-lavender, strawberry-basil, and apple-streusel. I will admit, I was skeptical. Being a craft beer girl, I didn’t think I would appreciate something as sweet as a Craft Cider.

To Cider, Or Not To Cider

I ordered a few of their flagship Ciders “to-go.”  I asked my brother to join me for a Craft Cider tasting session. I was expecting some criticism on his part but to my surprise, he was very excited to join in! He told me that the blueberry lavender Craft Cider was amazing, not really sweet at all! We had our little Cider tasting session and that was all it took, I was hooked. The Craft Cider wasn’t sweet, it actually tasted more like a white wine with just a whisper of apple.

I called Marsha (our candle maker) and told her we needed to put her nose to some Cider because they certainly had a place in our Craft Candle Collection.

After sampling a bottle of Craft Cider, she concurred.

Colorado Cider Company

Craft Cider Candles Coming Soon

Our Colorado Cidery Line-Up

We are currently working on scent-matchings 6 ciders from 2 different Colorado Craft Cideries. One of them being the Colorado Cider Company. The Colorado Cider Company is Denver’s original Cidery, making award-winning fresh pressed ciders since 2011.

In my next Cidery series blog installment,  I will share my experience with four of the ciders offered on the Colorado Cider Company cider list. Three of those ciders are pictured in the image to the right.

The new Craft Cider candle collection will debut in late August at the Cider Circus in Frisco, CO at the Copper Mountain Resort.

How ’bout them apples?

In the meantime, check-out our vast collection of craft beer candles!



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