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Wine Candles, Beer candles, Whiskey CandlesBarley & Hops Craft Candles is a Kansas City-based craft candle company. 

We hand-pour a libation of soy-blend candles that pay homage to craft breweries, craft distilleries, cideries, and wineries from across the nation.

Our craft candles don’t replicate the aroma of the spirits we sip in the traditional sense. Rather, they capture the essence & lovely notes of the unique aromas without compromising the lovely, inviting aroma of a great candle.

Our collection of artisan candles are crafted to the highest possible standard. They are manly scents for the home that are eco-friendly, dye-free, hemp-wicked, highly fragrant, and hand-poured. Man Cave approved.

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Barley & Hops Craft Candles


Sons of Erin Irish Whiskey Candle

Sons of Erin Irish Whiskey Candle

On the nose, this Restless Spirts Irish Whiskey candle delivers delicate green apple notes followed by honey sweetness, a rich pot-still texture, and a long finish with returning hints of green apple.

Builders Botanical Gin Candle

Builders Botanical Gin Candle

Perfect amount of lavender, citrus, and herbaceous aromas — Builders Botanical Gin smell almost as good as it tastes.

Riverwood Syrah Wine Candle

Riverwood Syrah Wine Candle

Often called “Shiraz” in South Africa and Australia. A deep, rich, medium-bodied red wine candle. Has aromas of plum, juicy blackberries, black pepper, and dark fruits.

Riverwood Riesling Wine Candle

Riverwood Riesling Wine Candle

Crisp, aromatic and deliciously refreshing! This collab candle with Riverwood Winery has fresh, fruity flavors and aromas of apples, apricots, peaches, and pears. Well-balanced and pairs wonderfully with ANYTHING but especially a big, juicy glass of Riverwood Riesling Wine.

Chocolate Cherry Dessert Wine Candle

Chocolate Cherry Dessert Wine Candle

Full of delectable aromas of milk chocolate & dark sweet cherry. This dessert wine candle makes a great after-dinner treat to serve and burn with vanilla ice cream or brownies!


Sip & Sniff – December 9, 2018

Barley & Hops Craft Candles has partnered with Strange Days Brewing, Riverwood Winery, KC Bier Co., S.D. Strong Distilling, High Plains Distillery, & Restless Spirits Distillery Co. to bring you the Sip n’ Sniff. Barley & Hops Craft Candles will be available for purchase during the event. Cost is $5 at the door and includes FREE Sips …

Sweet Snowflake Vodka Martini Candle

Sweet Snowflake Vodka Martini Candle

Sweet Snowflake Vodka Martini Candle comes to you from our Collaboration Collection. We teamed up with a local distilling company to create a candle that smelled as sweet and dreamy as a Sweet Snowflake Vodka Martini. Imagine a soft dusting of fresh mint leaves over the warming aroma of buttercream and vanilla beans. Approx. 45-55 hour …

Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whiskey Candle

Our Hot Buttered Hazelnut Whiskey candle took inspiration from a whiskey bourbon that was distilled in a cave. Yeah, really…a cave. Big Boom Straight Bourbon Whiskey by S.D. Strong Distilling. After nearly three years in American white oak barrels, Big Boom bursts with spice, fresh oak, and soft corn notes, all underscored by a rich layer of caramel.

The first time …

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